Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Your Hair Colour And Choosing The Right Hair Clips For You

Cool Tones, Warm Tones - Where Do You Fall On The Spectrum

French Arpege Cuffed Elastic from
Stone Bridge Hair Accessories
Getting the right colour hair clip can either make your hair look vibrant or, well, not so much.

Today, Melissa and Claire popped on a selection of colours from the Arpege Cuffed Ponytail Elastic so you can get an idea of how they work - or not - depending on your hair tone.

Melissa's hair, going really very silver these days, falls into the cool zone.

Claire, with her strong red tones, is currently very warm.

Let's look first at Silver Shell:


This colour is most complimentary to Melissa's hair, because both share very similar hues.

While the silver shell looks striking as a contrast in Claire's reddish hair, it has a few threads of amber and russet running through it, helping to tie it in visually. However, it does dull down the silver of the band, so while interesting, it doesn't give Claire the richest effect.

Now take a look at French Vanilla:


French Vanilla has cream base, so is quite warm. In Melissa's hair you can see it turning towards yellow, which is not a flattering counterpoint to her silver highlights. It makes her hair look more dull and calls attention to the brown in her hair.

Likewise, in Claire's hair French Vanilla is simply too stark. There are no shared hues, so the band, again is not shown off to advantage.

French Vanilla is best suited to blonde hair, from very fair to a mid- or golden brown, as you can see in the third picture here of our Allegro Fork.

Finally, have a look at the classic Tortoiseshell colour.


Here you can see the yellow/orange/brown of tortoiseshell brings out some unattractive tones in Melissa's hair and her silver is not enhanced at all.

Meanwhile, this colour suits Claire's hair perfectly. The variety of tones in the band harmonises brilliantly with Claire's hair tones.

If you have hair in the blonde - brown spectrum, tortoiseshell works best for dark or honey blonde and all brown hair.

Remember! If you ever want to discuss whether a colour might suit your hair, we are here for you. Ring us during regular office hours on 01732 883820 or pop us an email. We love love love talking about hair, so please don't feel shy.

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Arpege Cuffed Elastic
Allegro Hair Fork

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[A blooper for you from this shoot. Is Melissa terrified of the wallpaper or singing "Tragedy"?]


  1. Thanks I now know which colours to choose to suit my colouring and which to avoid. It was really helpful to see the photos and demos. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Sylvia! It was fun (and funny!) to do, so I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the post. :)