Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Your Hair Colour And Choosing The Right Hair Clips For You

Cool Tones, Warm Tones - Where Do You Fall On The Spectrum

French Arpege Cuffed Elastic from
Stone Bridge Hair Accessories
Getting the right colour hair clip can either make your hair look vibrant or, well, not so much.

Today, Melissa and Claire popped on a selection of colours from the Arpege Cuffed Ponytail Elastic so you can get an idea of how they work - or not - depending on your hair tone.

Melissa's hair, going really very silver these days, falls into the cool zone.

Claire, with her strong red tones, is currently very warm.

Let's look first at Silver Shell:


This colour is most complimentary to Melissa's hair, because both share very similar hues.

While the silver shell looks striking as a contrast in Claire's reddish hair, it has a few threads of amber and russet running through it, helping to tie it in visually. However, it does dull down the silver of the band, so while interesting, it doesn't give Claire the richest effect.

Now take a look at French Vanilla:


French Vanilla has cream base, so is quite warm. In Melissa's hair you can see it turning towards yellow, which is not a flattering counterpoint to her silver highlights. It makes her hair look more dull and calls attention to the brown in her hair.

Likewise, in Claire's hair French Vanilla is simply too stark. There are no shared hues, so the band, again is not shown off to advantage.

French Vanilla is best suited to blonde hair, from very fair to a mid- or golden brown, as you can see in the third picture here of our Allegro Fork.

Finally, have a look at the classic Tortoiseshell colour.


Here you can see the yellow/orange/brown of tortoiseshell brings out some unattractive tones in Melissa's hair and her silver is not enhanced at all.

Meanwhile, this colour suits Claire's hair perfectly. The variety of tones in the band harmonises brilliantly with Claire's hair tones.

If you have hair in the blonde - brown spectrum, tortoiseshell works best for dark or honey blonde and all brown hair.

Remember! If you ever want to discuss whether a colour might suit your hair, we are here for you. Ring us during regular office hours on 01732 883820 or pop us an email. We love love love talking about hair, so please don't feel shy.

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Arpege Cuffed Elastic
Allegro Hair Fork

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[A blooper for you from this shoot. Is Melissa terrified of the wallpaper or singing "Tragedy"?]

Friday, 4 March 2016

What I think now of the TRESemme Split Remedy Conditioner

Find Out Why My Daughter's Going Back To Normal Conditioner Now

TRESemme Split Remedy: Cure or Curse?

A while back, with much excitement, I reviewed the TRESemme Split Remedy conditioner.

You might recall I had worked myself up into a nerdy state of agitation over new developments in the world of hair care formulations back in 2011.

With huge anticipation, I invested in Split Remedy conditioner, handed it to my oldest daughter (with mid-back length hair who suffers from split ends) and held my breath until I could see this guy in action.

You can read the full review here, if you like.

Or, to make a long story short, the stuff works.


So why, you are asking yourself, does Daughter decide to give this elixir up for some old-school conditioner?

What happened is my greatest fear came true.

The way the product works is through magnetic fields, the two sides of your split end are drawn together as your hair dries.

The risk is that the product can't tell the difference between two sides of a single split, and different strands of hair generally, even though the field is pretty weak.

The fact is the effect is strong enough for longer hair to get snarled during the day.

Daughter noted that her hair became troublesome to brush even a few hours after her hair dried. By teatime, her hair was making her mental.

I am a big believer in not letting your hair dominate your mental health.

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(*This article was first published in 2012)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

#IsItStoneBridge Rules of Play

Every episode of ITV's Mr Selfridge, we are giving away hair clips. Here's how to play!

Click to learn how to make this Gibson Roll so you look the part.
1. Watch Mr Selfridge on Friday nights, 9pm on ITV. (Or record it and watch before Monday)

2. Keep your phone/camera handy to snap great pictures of hair accessories.
(Sneaky tip, don't forget to look in the backgrounds. Selfridge's also had a hair accessories department!)

3. Post your image tagged #IsItStoneBridge and #StoneBridgeHair to your social media channel of choice so we can find it.

4. OR, email your image to hello@stone-bridge.co.uk and we will share your image on one of the Stone Bridge social media accounts. (Your identity will be kept private.)

5. Tune in each episode for a fresh chance to get your own bit of Stone Bridge!

Ten entries per episode will be chosen at random on the following Monday. So if you want to record the show and catch up over the weekend, you can still play.

We will be monitoring Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but if you want to use another online channel such as a private blog, do drop us a line on where we can see your post. If you've won, we will notify you through the posting platform you have used.

*Please note, prizes can only be sent to a UK or ROI address.

Any questions, drop us a line at hello@stone-bridge.co.uk!