Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Five Star Hair Accessories Just For Fine Hair

Have you got fine hair? Check out this list for your sure-fire winners...

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One thing we're really good at here at Stone Bridge is designing hair clips that really work for different hair types. And if you've got fine hair, finding a great clip you can rely on every day without slipping out or pulling on your hair ain't easy.

We know. We speak to hundreds of women every week going through the same thing you're going through. We understand fine hair.

So, it is always helpful to find out what your fellow fine-haired sisters are using and loving so we've done a little trawling through the reviews and shopping baskets of this past season to see which clips have been coming out as the sure-fire winners of the summer.

After several high-level meetings around our shiny corporate table, collectively studying line graphs and bar charts (no, not really), here is your bespoke list of  hair clips which received the most love, compliments and admiration this season.

We are excited to present: The Winners Your Fine Hair Needs.

★ 5 Star Barrette For Fine Hair: Splendide French Bow Barrette 

Glamorous and very, very French this luxuriously layered bow design over a twisted-up style has received a lot of love this summer.

Check out what one fan had to say: Stunning. I hesitated at the price but when it arrived I can honestly say that the quality is so far above anything I've ever seen on the High Street. Wow.

★ 5 Star Claw For Fine Hair: Lisière Narrow Hair Claw

One of the few claws around really designed for very fine hair. Gentle teeth but with the chic extra border to set off these very popular colours. If your hair is super-duper, baby fine then this is the hair clip you've been looking for.

You were quick to notice: Thank you so much for offering a claw that works for baby fine hair. And that looks beautiful as well. Keep up the good work!

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★ 5 Star Headband For Fine Hair: Liberty Skinny Headband

You just cannot go wrong with a classic Liberty fabric, and our Super Comfy Skinny Headband gives you the right amount of hold while still being unbelievably comfortable.

We heard you saying: I love the colour. I love that it doesn't give me a headache. I love that it's so pretty. At last! A hair band I can actually wear.

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