Friday, 22 May 2015

The Smart Low Ponytail Using A Barrette

Libby shows you how to use a barrette in a smart, low ponytail style...

Papillon French Large Barrette
I wasn't going to show this to anyone, but I trust you.

This is one of my first videos (how embarrassing!) Don't look….

Okay, you can look really.

However, what's not embarrassing is the style! This low ponytail is a winner for a smart, quick style you can do in minutes.

The beautiful butterfly Barrette featured is from our Papillon collection, you may have seen the Barrette before, but this time it comes with friends.

We now have a Papillon Slide, Elastic and even a charming small Claw.

So go, quick and grab them before they flutter away.

The Papillon Ponytail Elastic is beautiful slim band with movable butterflies, only suitable for fine to medium hair.

The Papillon Claw is only recommended for fine hair, if you have medium hair you can wear it in a half up.

Oh of course, the video. Take a look at the Large Barrette in action.

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Papillon Handmade French Large Barrette 

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Take a look at our full collection of luxury hair accessories

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