Monday, 30 June 2014

Our best clip for thick hair yet?

Libby takes you through our newest hair claw for thick hair: the Moana Large Claw

The Moana Large Claw looks small, but
it holds a heck of a lot of hair!
I had a boyfriend once in Southern California named Tom who was a skateboarding punk rocker.

His grandfather, however, was a member of the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Of the Oscar-deciding variety.

So, punk rock credentials aside, Tom got early recordings of all the potentially nominated films every year.

Tom also scrubbed up pretty good when he needed to, trained up by his father and grandfather.

You can see how I felt Tom was a boyfriend with a reasonable share of plus-points.

One of his favourite smart-dressing mantras was about choosing ties.

"Clash or contrast," he'd explain to me, shirts laid out on the bed, the tie collection duly variously layered over each.

"This one clashes, but this one contrasts. That's what you want. Clash or contrast, that's what it's about."

It was quite a time consuming exercise, but it always paid off in the end.

Plus, Tom never lectured me on my outfits, which is always a winning quality in a young man.

Anyway, Libby has whipped up her own version of a "clash or contrast" video about our newest hair claw, the Moana Large Claw, which we had designed specifically for you if you've got thick hair.

If you have fine hair, the Moana is categorically not for you. Please don't even look at it.

We've got plenty of terrific hair claws for fine hair here.

But if you've got thick hair, Libby wanted to go through precisely how we've designed the Moana Large Claw to be different.

From the shape of the teeth, to the curve of the sides, have a look at all the details we've put in to what we promise will be your new favourite darling.

Oh, you probably want to know how things went with Tom in the end.

He dumped me.

In a restaurant.

Clash or contrast, indeed.


What Makes For a Great Hair Claw For Thick Hair?

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  1. What a stunning clamp... especially for us thickies, umm... (in terms of hair I mean)!! :)