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Headbands and Face Shape: When It All Goes Wrong

Choosing a Headband That is Flattering

Headbands are perfect for when travelling or
on holiday
Hair bands can be the perfect hair accessories to keep your hair under control if you're having a bad hair day and are particularly useful when travelling or on holiday.

However, choosing the wrong style can make your look worse rather than better.

If you've read my article about figuring out your face shape, you should be pretty confident about whether you are round, square, oval, heart-shaped or oblong.

Now you can do something with this information.

US Weekly Magazine published this article, "Hollywood Head Trips" by Paris Hilton in 2005 giving examples of celebrity hair bands gone wrong.

When you look at their face shapes, this is where they let fashion lead them astray.

Rectangle and Square Face Shape

Paris is a devoted alice band wearer and if you can see her little picture up by the headline, she pulls off her pink scarf style headband very well. Why is that? Paris has a strong rectangular face shape. The full, wide hair band creates a more round illusion around the top of her head, while the sweeping side fringe further softens her hard-edged face shape around the hairline.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Now, for some less stellar examples let's look at Madonna, shown on the far right. Madonna has a long, heart-shaped face, with more width across her brow line and a narrowing jaw. The choice of headband here isn't helpful because wearing a wide, dark band forward over her forehead just emphasizes the width. She would have done better to just wear a large sparkly hair clip, like something she has on the band already, in her fringe or on a skinny headband.

This still draws the eye up so you can see her amazing eyes, but instead we're admiring her huge forehead.

Round Face Shape

The lady in the green top, upper left is Hilary Duff. Paris slates Hilary for choosing a sort of ethnic pattern, which is out of step with the rest of her outfit. However, how Hilary is wearing the hair band is spot on. Hilary has a round face. When she wears a hair band, I tend to see her going (rightly) for a classic one-inch width or slightly wider headband, set back from her face, usually with lots of fringe and whispy bits framing her face.

Oblong Face Shape

Next to Hilary is Jessica Simpson. The big mistake happening here is a fancy headband being worn with a detailed, high-neck dress. There is way too much detail in this combination and Jessica's face and hair cannot even be seen.

Jessica has an oblong face and should, by rights, be able to carry off an ornate headband like this. However, because she's scraped back all her hair away from her face, she just looks like an overdressed school marm. Not a normal look for Jessica! If you get rid of the dress, give a her bit of fringe and a parting, and let her show off all her thick wavy hair, this hair band would actually work.

Oval Face Shape

On the lower left you can see Jennifer Lopez, who has an oval face shape, but a high rounded hair line. Her hair is too severe in this picture and the wide band worn close to her hair line makes her look like she's about to just give her face a good scrub and get ready for bed. This style would have been much softer if some hair had been pulled forward or if she had worn a much more delicate, skinny hair band. Remember, round foreheads do not go with wide hair bands. They just show off how round you are.

To the right of Jennifer is Christina Aguilera, also with an oval face shape, but she has a more squared-off hair line. So what she's done here is actually okay (though Paris questions the choice of bright yellow, which I'd agree is a risk with bleached white hair - it can bring out an unattractive yellow in your hair and make it look unhealthy). The band is wide and sitting back from her face. The roundness introduced by the band offsets the squareness of her hairline.

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  1. Anonymous7/07/2015

    Aw, my face shape got left out. I'm a triangle, or pear shape - the widest part is at the jaw line.

    1. Thanks for sharing this link! Very useful... :)

  2. Thanks for the video, it always helps to see you in action. Love the fact that you have allowed your hair to go greyas well as long, like mine. Could I ask you to put the length of your hair forks, sticks etc. The two forks I bought are not as long as I thought from the pictures, I like them but cant use them as much I would have liked.