Monday, 14 April 2014

How to Use A French Hair Fork

We're all wearing them this season at Stone Bridge and here's why...

Hair forks keep your hair up and
out of the way, no matter what job needs doing. 
The past few months, the main hair accessories we Stone Bridge folks have been wearing the most is our French Hair Fork.


  • They're easy to use,
  • they're super kind on your hair (great if you've got fine or delicate hair),
  • they look very groomed and classic,
  • they keep a French Pleat style nice and tight all day,
  • they fit easily into your handbag (or pencil pot!), and
  • if you have heavy hair, they don't pull down or drag on your hair at all.

That is a lot of reasons to love hair forks.

But if you're not sure how to use them yourself, don't worry.

Back when we very first got them in, I made a little video.

You'll notice I don't have my normal flair and panache in this tutorial, but it was probably the third video I'd ever made!


How to Use a Hair Fork

Hair Forks Available from Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Allegro Classic French Hair Fork
Allegro Brights French Hair Fork
Arpege Classic French Hair Fork

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  1. I bought a few hair forks, long and short, when my hair was a bit shorter and they were great. (its fine but a lot of it, and slippery). Now my hair is longer (bra strap length) I seem to have too much hair for a decent French Pleat - how else can I use my lovely forks, please? K