Monday, 20 October 2014

Don't be Frightened... It's Just Me With Frizzy Hair

One Surprising Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

We're building up to Halloween, so I thought I'd share one of my most popular videos from the archives with you.

It has always generated a lot of emails and comments, and if you have alway wondered why your hair  might go frizzy, like, all the time, this might be a clue.

Warning: you may need a cushion handy for hiding your eyes during the scary bits!

* ~ * ~ *

I had a leeetle bit of time this weekend before meeting my friends for lunch, so I thought I'd experiment with my hair.

My children were frightened.

The youngest was quiet for a minute and said, "Are you able to put it back the way it was?"

Bless her.

So don't watch this video if you are of a delicate nature.

Enjoy ... so to speak, *ahum*.

One Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How To Pick The Perfect Hair Slide For You

Libby's latest video compares different sized Hair Slides and explains which will work for you

We have got a new hair slide but quite a different size to the hair slides you may have seen from us before.

I made this video because I wanted to show the different sizes of some of our slides as sometimes it can be difficult to decide which size is perfect for you.

Here I show three of our slides, side by side, so you can tell which would be the best for your hair type.


How To Pick The Perfect Hair Slide For You

Hair Slides Shown In This Video

Réseau Large Hair Slide (Sold Out!)
Attelage Knot Small Slide
Faire La Fête Hair Slide

Browse All Stone Bridge Hair Slides 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mama Owl post: Prom

Mum of Five and blogger Mama Owl shows just what it takes to get  a girl ready for the prom

The "big day" has been and gone - A's Class of 2014 Year 11 Prom is over.

On Thursday 19th June, the students of A's school were all busy making their final preparations, and getting ready to celebrate the end of their secondary school studies (for those not staying on) with their classmates.

That morning, A headed into town to pick up the last remaining items she needed - some false eyelashes, and a clutch to tote around her money, prom ticket, and phone. She also got herself a face mask to get her skin ready for the make up it would be subjected to that evening!

At 3:30pm we headed to The Body Beautiful where A was booked in for the Prom Package, which included nails, make up and hair styling for just £60.

We had already been in the previous evening for A to have her nails done, she chose a beautiful teal blue with sparkles to complement her dress.
The young lady did a wonderful job, and managed A's umm-ing and ahh-ing and indecision very well, before A finally settled on what she wanted.
The day of the prom, we arrived with A's bag of tricks in hand ready for them to do their thing. A prepped her face by applying moisturiser, as well as washing and straightening her hair ready for styling - also not forgetting to wear a top that she could remove without pulling it over her head!
The same young lady that had done A's nails also applied A's prom make up. A showed her some pictures of styles that she liked and had saved on Pinterest, and she got to work. It took a while for A to get used to the false eyelashes, but the result was absolutely stunning - she did a really good job and A was delighted with it.

After the makeover it was time for hair styling, so we headed downstairs to the salon and the hairdresser worked her magic to recreate a style that A had shown her. A half-up-do with plaits and loose curls, and finally, embellished with my gorgeous Estiva Swarovski barrette from Stone Bridge Hair.
We left the salon just after 5pm which didn't give us much time to get to my in-laws house so she could change into her dress, before she had to meet her friends. We hopped into a taxi and got there in just a few minutes, dashing upstairs to get her changed.

I helped her into her absolutely stunning Alyce Paris Prom dress, which we bought online from The dress is beautiful, it really is a WOW dress with its sheer light blue overlay and jewel encrusted sweetheart neckline. We ordered it on a Saturday afternoon and it arrived less than a week later which I thought was fantastic. We had to pay a little extra to get it through customs, but that didn't delay it at all and the international shipping had been free.

New York Dress displayed outstanding customer service and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or to recommend them to others. The Alyce Black Label dresses are exquisite, A had fallen in love with this dress and so this was the dress that she earned herself with all of her hard work, studying, and revision. We employed the services of talented local seamstress Alexandra to alter the dress to fit A perfectly, and she did a wonderful job - after seeing A only twice, the dress fit like a glove and looked amazing.

A looked and felt like a princess. And here she is.

She looked absolutely breathtaking, her father and I could not have been more proud. Her Grandfather D was there to wave her off when I took her to meet her friends, and was very emotional & proud when he saw his eldest granddaughter all dressed up. Her Grandmother J was unfortunately unable to be there as she was at work but she had earlier offered to lend A her pearl necklace to wear, and it looked perfect with her dress, she was delighted when I showed her the pictures afterwards.

We had very carefully chosen all of A's accessories to match her dress. Her beautiful earrings were bought from a company I found on Twitter calledTreasured Treats, they looked like they had been made to match the dress and arrived very quickly after ordering. Her beige/pink pearl necklace was borrowed from her Grandmother as I said, and the Swarovski barrette was given to her by me.

We bought her pearl and crystal bracelet for just £3 from Primark and originally it was going to be used for her corsage that we would have ordered from The Floral Designer, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Her shoes were £10, also from Primark, and complemented her dress really well, and A then bought herself a white lace clutch from New Look to finish it all off.
It really was a night to remember, with a slideshow presentation of photographs of all of the students from year 7 through to year 11. There was a very tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony by the teachers which was all in good fun, and then the kids kicked off their shoes and danced all evening. There were lots of inventive ways of arriving at the Prom including a truck, and fire engines, and the usual array of various sports cars, but A and her group of friends arrived in style in a cool vintage bus, arranged by the mums of A's friends, S and L.

Before I knew it, A was home and exhausted with sore and blistered feet, but full of memories of a wonderful night and carrying her official school leavers hoodie under her arm. Standing on the road waving her off on the bus I realised that one day, in the not too distant future, we will be waving her off on adventures far beyond the golf and country club just outside town. She will be jetting off to find her way in the world, and while we will be sad to see her go and will miss her terribly - we will be so, so proud.

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Hair Clamps and Claws Best For Thick or Curly Hair

Libby explains what features to look for when choosing a hair clamp for thicker hair

How To Choose The Best Hair Claw To Hold Thick or Curly Hair

Hair Clips Shown in This Video

Classic Narrow Clamp (NOT suitable for thick hair!)
Rectangle Large Claw
Fat Capitaine Large Clamp
Moana Large Clamp

Browse more hair clamps and claws designed just for thick hair

Monday, 30 June 2014

Our best clip for thick hair yet?

Libby takes you through our newest hair claw for thick hair: the Moana Large Claw

The Moana Large Claw looks small, but
it holds a heck of a lot of hair!
I had a boyfriend once in Southern California named Tom who was a skateboarding punk rocker.

His grandfather, however, was a member of the the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Of the Oscar-deciding variety.

So, punk rock credentials aside, Tom got early recordings of all the potentially nominated films every year.

Tom also scrubbed up pretty good when he needed to, trained up by his father and grandfather.

You can see how I felt Tom was a boyfriend with a reasonable share of plus-points.

One of his favourite smart-dressing mantras was about choosing ties.

"Clash or contrast," he'd explain to me, shirts laid out on the bed, the tie collection duly variously layered over each.

"This one clashes, but this one contrasts. That's what you want. Clash or contrast, that's what it's about."

It was quite a time consuming exercise, but it always paid off in the end.

Plus, Tom never lectured me on my outfits, which is always a winning quality in a young man.

Anyway, Libby has whipped up her own version of a "clash or contrast" video about our newest hair claw, the Moana Large Claw, which we had designed specifically for you if you've got thick hair.

If you have fine hair, the Moana is categorically not for you. Please don't even look at it.

We've got plenty of terrific hair claws for fine hair here.

But if you've got thick hair, Libby wanted to go through precisely how we've designed the Moana Large Claw to be different.

From the shape of the teeth, to the curve of the sides, have a look at all the details we've put in to what we promise will be your new favourite darling.

Oh, you probably want to know how things went with Tom in the end.

He dumped me.

In a restaurant.

Clash or contrast, indeed.


What Makes For a Great Hair Claw For Thick Hair?

Hair Claws shown in this video

Moana Large Hair Claw
Arpege Medium Hair Claw

Other hair claws superb for thick hair

Fat Capitaine Large Clamp
Decoincé Large Hair Claw

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Herbal Treatments For Dandruff: Brilliant or Bogus?

Herbal treatments for dandruff:
can you go all natural?
Normally I want to talk to you about hair accessories, naturally. But I was stuck on a plane earlier this week and against my better judgement started reading a small article in a British broadsheet newspaper about how you could make a tincture to help with dandruff.

As usual, I was left smacking my forehead, wondering how these things get published in newspapers. I thought journalists had to do fact checking? I guess not.

The article outlining this recipe, to be fair, did not claim to cure dandruff (though the headline did).

What I think the recipe was really for was a sort of smelly moisturising balm that would pretty much lose any effectiveness as you had to wash it out TWICE after half an hour. Well, that was a waste of an afternoon, then.

What causes dandruff?

There are two broad types of "dandruff" conditions, where the skin is irritated, itchy and flaky: dermatitis and psoriasis.

Scientists generally believe dermatitis, or if your head is oily, seborrhoeic dermatitis, is caused by a type of yeast or fungus from the Malassezia family that feeds off the sebum in your scalp.

The fungus is pretty hardy and rubbing random herbs or other natural things found in your refrigerator with supposed antibacterial qualities on it in the hope of making it go away is no good at all.

The yeast feeds on fat, so using an oil-based natural, herbal tincture to try and battle your infection is pretty hopeless.

All main brand dandruff shampoos (such as Head and Shoulders or Nizoral) use tested antifungal ingredients which kill the fungus.

The two most common anitfungal agents used are pyrithione zinc (used in Head and Shoulders) and ketoconazole (used in Nizoral). These agents target different types of Malassezia yeast, so if one brand doesn't work for you, try using the other to see if you get a better result.

Tea Tree oil (melaleuca) has also shown some effectiveness in killing a range of types of yeast, however, there are to my knowlege no commercial shampoos with enough of the extract to really be effective. A lot of the references to tea tree oil I've seen to date on shampoo bottles are pure marketing fluff.

You can purchase pure tea tree essential oil, however it is poisonous and should not be swallowed. Using tea tree oil on your skin can cause severe skin irritation including rash and blistering. Harsh stuff for a natural cure. You have been warned.

This condition is less common and completely different from dermatitis. Usually there are well-defined, hard silvery patches or plaques. These can often be ring shaped and red at the edge. The flakes sometimes come away in large sheets.

Psoriasis isn't very well understood. Current thinking is that it is caused by an auto-immune disorder, and groups of skin cells just start rapidly reproducing.

There is no cure, but the two most favoured treatments are coal tar extract and UV (ultra violet light) treatment for more intractable cases.

Coal tar extract works by slowing down the production of skin cells. Shampoos such as T-Gel or lotions such as Exorex are available without a prescription at most chemists and can be effective for many people. If your condition doesn't respond to these treatments, you can be eligible for light, or phototherapy, treatment on the NHS.

There are considerable side effects to phototherapy as the UV exposure can rapidly damage and age your skin, so do give the shampoos and lotions a good chance first.

Again, given that the condition is related to your immune system being out of whack, rubbing some herbs in your hair is honestly not going to help one bit.  

Phew. I'm glad I got that all off my chest. At least until I come across another screwy cure for dandruff ...

Rush thyself to Stone Bridge where we've got some nice hair clips, but no cure for dandruff

Monday, 9 June 2014

Headbands and Face Shape: When It All Goes Wrong

Choosing a Headband That is Flattering

Headbands are perfect for when travelling or
on holiday
Hair bands can be the perfect hair accessories to keep your hair under control if you're having a bad hair day and are particularly useful when travelling or on holiday.

However, choosing the wrong style can make your look worse rather than better.

If you've read my article about figuring out your face shape, you should be pretty confident about whether you are round, square, oval, heart-shaped or oblong.

Now you can do something with this information.

US Weekly Magazine published this article, "Hollywood Head Trips" by Paris Hilton in 2005 giving examples of celebrity hair bands gone wrong.

When you look at their face shapes, this is where they let fashion lead them astray.

Rectangle and Square Face Shape

Paris is a devoted alice band wearer and if you can see her little picture up by the headline, she pulls off her pink scarf style headband very well. Why is that? Paris has a strong rectangular face shape. The full, wide hair band creates a more round illusion around the top of her head, while the sweeping side fringe further softens her hard-edged face shape around the hairline.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Now, for some less stellar examples let's look at Madonna, shown on the far right. Madonna has a long, heart-shaped face, with more width across her brow line and a narrowing jaw. The choice of headband here isn't helpful because wearing a wide, dark band forward over her forehead just emphasizes the width. She would have done better to just wear a large sparkly hair clip, like something she has on the band already, in her fringe or on a skinny headband.

This still draws the eye up so you can see her amazing eyes, but instead we're admiring her huge forehead.

Round Face Shape

The lady in the green top, upper left is Hilary Duff. Paris slates Hilary for choosing a sort of ethnic pattern, which is out of step with the rest of her outfit. However, how Hilary is wearing the hair band is spot on. Hilary has a round face. When she wears a hair band, I tend to see her going (rightly) for a classic one-inch width or slightly wider headband, set back from her face, usually with lots of fringe and whispy bits framing her face.

Oblong Face Shape

Next to Hilary is Jessica Simpson. The big mistake happening here is a fancy headband being worn with a detailed, high-neck dress. There is way too much detail in this combination and Jessica's face and hair cannot even be seen.

Jessica has an oblong face and should, by rights, be able to carry off an ornate headband like this. However, because she's scraped back all her hair away from her face, she just looks like an overdressed school marm. Not a normal look for Jessica! If you get rid of the dress, give a her bit of fringe and a parting, and let her show off all her thick wavy hair, this hair band would actually work.

Oval Face Shape

On the lower left you can see Jennifer Lopez, who has an oval face shape, but a high rounded hair line. Her hair is too severe in this picture and the wide band worn close to her hair line makes her look like she's about to just give her face a good scrub and get ready for bed. This style would have been much softer if some hair had been pulled forward or if she had worn a much more delicate, skinny hair band. Remember, round foreheads do not go with wide hair bands. They just show off how round you are.

To the right of Jennifer is Christina Aguilera, also with an oval face shape, but she has a more squared-off hair line. So what she's done here is actually okay (though Paris questions the choice of bright yellow, which I'd agree is a risk with bleached white hair - it can bring out an unattractive yellow in your hair and make it look unhealthy). The band is wide and sitting back from her face. The roundness introduced by the band offsets the squareness of her hairline.

A Tutorial About Scarf Style Headbands And How To Wear Them Effectively

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Perfect Hair Accessories Storage Solutions

For your handbag, car glovebox, travel abroad or at home

Offer this week only!

Spend £100 and get the Silk Hair Accessories Travel Roll (RP £25) FREE, or

Spend £350 and get the Silk Stacking Storage Box AND Travel Roll (Total Value £80) FREE

UK customers only. Offer ends Friday, 2 May. 

While supplies last, so hurry!

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Monday, 14 April 2014

How to Use A French Hair Fork

We're all wearing them this season at Stone Bridge and here's why...

Hair forks keep your hair up and
out of the way, no matter what job needs doing. 
The past few months, the main hair accessories we Stone Bridge folks have been wearing the most is our French Hair Fork.


  • They're easy to use,
  • they're super kind on your hair (great if you've got fine or delicate hair),
  • they look very groomed and classic,
  • they keep a French Pleat style nice and tight all day,
  • they fit easily into your handbag (or pencil pot!), and
  • if you have heavy hair, they don't pull down or drag on your hair at all.

That is a lot of reasons to love hair forks.

But if you're not sure how to use them yourself, don't worry.

Back when we very first got them in, I made a little video.

You'll notice I don't have my normal flair and panache in this tutorial, but it was probably the third video I'd ever made!


How to Use a Hair Fork

Hair Forks Available from Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Allegro Classic French Hair Fork
Allegro Brights French Hair Fork
Arpege Classic French Hair Fork

Visit Stone Bridge to see our full collection of hair accessories made in France

Monday, 17 March 2014

Smart Ponytail Style Which Adds Fullness To Your Profile

Skip the slicked back look and try this softer, fuller ponytail style

Try this classic, easy style with our Classic French Barrettes
Sometimes the tight ponytail is best left for the catwalk.

Hair trends this year are heading for softer, more casual shapes.

This style is one I demonstrated a number of years ago and is one I personally wear a lot just because I don't like the shape of my head!

Here I show a super easy trick for how you can play with the shape of your profile that also gives the appearance of more fullness.

Have a watch, then give it a go with your own hair to see if it works for you.


Barrette Ponytail With A Bouffed (Fuller) Back

Hair Clips Used In This Video

Fiori Crystal Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!)
Classic Wide Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Classic Oval Barrette

Other Barrettes Great For This Style

For Thick Hair: 
Galaxy Crystal Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Trientale Crystal Large Barrette
Cocodrille Large Barrette (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Rectangle Large Barrette
Oriente Large Barrette

For Medium to Fine Hair:
Sakura Bloom Barrette
Marble Barrette
Watercolour Barrettes (Sorry, sold out!) Try our Arc Oval Medium Barrette

Visit Stone Bridge UK for lots and lots more barrettes...


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Monday, 24 February 2014

A Chignon With Just One Pin? Libby Shows You How...

Ever wondered how to use a French U pin? Watch this video to learn more!

Michaela showing off her Sourire U pin.
Last month, Libby met up with lovely stylist Michaela from Headrush Salon in Basildon and took this great picture of Michaela's hair with our Sourire U Pin.

As you can see, Michaela has a lot of hair but could hold it all securely with just a single little U pin, no problem.

This picture drew a lot of attention on Twitter (where you can catch up with us @StoneBridgeHair), but we had requests for a "How To" tutorial.

Whether you have fine hair or thick hair, we've got a U pin that will work for you.

Take a look at Libby's latest video where she goes through which pin is most likely to work for you as well has her two favourite U pin updos.


How To Use U Pins To Create An Easy Chignon Or French Pleat Style

U Pins Used In This Video

Sourire French U Pin
Handmade French U Pin

Browse all Stone Bridge Pins, Forks and Sticks

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Professional New Yorkers Have Taken Over The Low Slung Half Back Style

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Happiness at Mid-Life: How Do You Compare?

Research into happiness at mid-life: Have you
got all the ingredients?
For many of our customers, overall happiness and how they feel about their hair are closely connected.

I've written about this topic a few times over the years.

However, you and I both know that there really is more to feeling content with yourself as a woman than just what we think about our appearance from one day to the next.

I stumbled across this incredible 4-part series published by USA Today back in 2011 and thought you might find the research published here interesting.


"New Passages" 4-Part Series by Gail Sheehy (USA Today)

Meet the Happiest Woman in America

Learn About Work From "The Happiest Woman"

Learn About Health From "The Happiest Woman"

Learn About Relationships From "The Happiest Woman"

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories for hair clips *guaranteed* to make you happier

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