Friday, 22 November 2013

Top Gift Ideas For Thick Hair

Here are 5 of the best gifts for women with thick hair

Monceau Extra Large Clamp, £72

The Monceau Extra Large Hair Clamp is designed for the thickest hair.

 The Monceau has been handmade in France and polished to a beautiful shine you will love.

The cutwork scrolls allow your hair to show through, really showing off the delicacy of its intricate design.

 A strong spring and the best materials give you the confidence that you will be enjoying this clamp for a long time to come.

Hepburn Crystal Large Barrette, £249
With dazzling sparkle and ageless design, our Hepburn Crystal Large Barrette will add mesmerizing brilliance to your hair.

Handmade in France exclusively for Stone Bridge, this barrette has been studded with 162 shining Swarovski crystals, beautifully set off by a glossy tortoiseshell-coloured base.

The large clasp means you can be confident of a durable, strong hold that will work in your hair.

A stunning barrette that works well both for holding a pleat or dressy ponytail style.

Crystal Couture Headband, £325

Rich and subtle, our Crystal Couture Headband combines the classic one-inch width style with the texture of pleated and wrapped Italian silk, then studded with coordinated Swarovski crystal beads.

 Made by hand in America to our exacting specification and great attention to detail, this is a beautiful luxury design for a woman who loves her headbands.

Pur Silver Hair Stick, £395

In solid hallmarked sterling silver and produced to our exacting specifications, this hair stick has been designed to have a luxurious weight and strength to hold even thick hair in a French pleat or chignon.

The ultimate in simple elegance, an heirloom piece you (and your daughters) will treasure.

French Columbine Elastic, £57

Beautifully handmade in France, the curled shape of our French Columbine ponytail elastic will smarten up any ponytail.

The flower has been layered with two materials in a glossy black and our very popular tortoiseshell. The arched and multilayered shape adds interest to a classic ponytail style, suitable for work or even a formal event.

 Perfectly polished by hand to a deep shine, there are no sharp edges that might catch and snag your hair, while the high quality, soft chenille elastic will hold your hair gently and securely without damage.

The size of this flower makes it most suitable for medium to thick hair, or hair with some wave or curl.

Want some other suggestions? Why not ring Libby on 01732 883820 and get her expert recommendations for the perfect gift that will most definitely work in thick hair.

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