Friday, 29 November 2013

The Partners' Ball - Perfect Black Tie Hair

Whether It's Your Organisation Or Your Husband's, Knock 'Em Dead With Your Hair

"My lady, your hair looks ravishing..."
Yup. They'll all be saying that.
Ahhhh... The Partners' Ball.

That festive do where The Firm has booked the entire Natural History Museum.

Greeted at the door with a cheap glass of bubbly (or a decent glass that you DO NOT want to see the catering bill for).

Some mushed up stuff on a circle of puff pastry served on a black serviette, brought to you at regular intervals.

A loud DJ and no one on the dance floor.

After an hour or so, all those people from the office, gently marinaded in red wine and gin.

An animated conversation with someone you've only just met who just so happens (you find out later) to spend his lunches at the local strip club. What a disappointment.

Ah, yes. Happy times.

What's not to look forward to?

I can't help you have a good time. But I can help your hair put it's best foot forward.

Try some of these beauties and guaranteed you'll floor them all.

Pur Silver Hair Stick, £395

In pure hallmarked sterling silver and produced to our exacting specifications, this hair stick has been designed to have a luxurious weight and strength to hold even thick hair in a French pleat or chignon.

An heirloom quality piece that is the ultimate in simple elegance.

Eclat Crystal Hair Fork, £60

Three fine trails of brilliant Swarovski crystal blazed across the Eclat hair Fork.

Entirely handmade in France, the Eclat Fork is studded with 29 crystals, each one individually set by hand. Beautifully suited for parties and evenings in town.

Recommended for fine to medium weight hair.

Hepburn Crystal Barrette, £229

One of the fastest selling designs this season.

With dazzling sparkle and ageless design, our Hepburn Crystal Barrette will add mesmerising brilliance to your hair.

Handmade in France exclusively for Stone Bridge, this barrette has been studded with 185 shining crystals, set off by a classic polished tortoiseshell base.

Velvet Knot Claw, £59

Our Velvet Knot Claw has been wrapped in the softest Italian velvet ever. It really is hard to resist.

This claw, made exclusively for Stone Bridge in America, will hold your hair up beautifully and comfortably all evening.

Most suitable for fine to medium hair.

Poignée French Cuffed Elastic, £27

New this season the strong geometric shape of the Poignée Cuffed Elastic will be the perfect way to update your ponytail.

Available in Red Cabernet, French Vanilla with Spice, and Black with Silver Shell.

Visit Stone Bridge for more beautiful ways to dress your hair this party season.

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