Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Got Hair That's "Fine But A Lot Of It?" Check Out These Videos Just For You

Hair Accessories Perfectly Designed For Your Hair

Check these videos if you've got hair that's
"fine but a lot of it."
A few years ago I made a whole bunch of videos for each different hair type, and one of the most watched was for our customers with hair that is "fine but a lot of it."

If this describes you, then you'll absolutely know how difficult it is to find clips that work for you with the strength and capacity to hold your hair, but that are still gentle enough to minimise the damage that fine hair sustains all too easily.

If you've not seen these videos before, you honestly won't want to miss seeing all my top picks just for you.

In this series, I don't just hold up a hair clip and go "this is so great you should buy it"


I go through in detail why a particular clip is going to be successful in your hair. I show you in my videos what you should be looking for when deciding whether or not to buy any clip, not just a Stone Bridge hair clip.

This is important information you'll be able to use your whole life.

And the whole series is available through these links right here:

Choosing Hair Accessories For Hair That Is Fine But A Lot Of It

NB: These videos feature designs from a number of years ago, so while the exact design may no longer be available, there are new styles still available online. 

If you see a discontinued design that you like, do get in touch to find out what we have that is just right for you!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Possibly The Best Clip For Fine Or Slippery Hair

A Hair Clip That WILL Actually Hold Long Fine Hair. Don't Believe Me?

This is *such* a great clip, designed especially for fine hair.
Back in 2010 we introduced our French Handmade Beak Clip, which was a huge success with our customers and sold out quite quickly.

In my personal consultations has done well in every appointment with a client who has fine or slippery hair this clip has been a real hit.

I think without exception this design ended up being purchased - it is just so good.

The following year, we outdid ourselves and created a Pacific Islands inspired version for you: the Moana Etched French Beak clip.

We've got the full range of beautiful classic colours now back in stock so I wanted to share with you my video from the archives when we originally launched the Moana Etched Beak Clip.

Here I go through which colours will suit your hair best, to give you a little help.


Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Moana Etched French Beak hair clip
Lune French Beak hair clip (Sold Out!) See our Basic Brill Beak Clips.

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