Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Try This Dead Easy Deep Conditioning Oil Treatment

Deep condition your hair
at almost no cost!
You can pay a lot of money for some deep conditioning treatments, but I'll let you in on an industry secret that the shampoo companies DO NOT want you to know, which is this:

The same ingredients that are in the bottle of conditioner in your shower are in one of those £10 single deep conditioning treatment packs, but with less water.

All conditioners are the same

The truth is, conditioner is conditioner. You can use more of it or less of it, but your hair can only be so conditioned.

 Any chemist in the industry will tell you the same. And conditioner pretty much does all its "conditioning" work in five minutes.

So there's no point leaving your hair all glooped up for hours on end or overnight. You will not get any more out of your conditioner for your trouble.

Anyhoo, I wanted to share with you my favourite way to get rid of my family on a sunny Saturday and that is my olive oil deep conditioning treatment.

Oil vs. Conditioner

Oil and conditioner are not the same thing. Conditioner is made up of slippery molecules that coat the outside of your hair so that the individual hairs tangle less and so get less damaged.

Conditioner is an important part of maintaining the long term health of your hair because it has a role in protecting the cuticle layer.

You oil your hair to restore a bit of moisture to it that has been stripped out by, frankly, shampooing it. Oil is not as effective as conditioner is for adding "slip" to your hair.

There are two oils that are absorbed best by human hair and that is olive oil and coconut oil. Which you choose is down to what you've got available and how you want to smell.

Can you use any other oils?

Of course you can, but they will probably be more expensive and won't be absorbed as readily as olive oil or coconut oil.

Nothing bad will happen if you use argan oil, grapeseed oil or vegetable oil. It all pretty much works fine.

Melissa's Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment

So, first I tell my family that I mustn't be disturbed under any circumstances for at least an hour. Then I put on my bikini and lay out my sun towel.

Now, for the important bit.

With DRY hair (because it is more absorbent) I pour a bit of cheap olive oil in my hands, and work it all through my hair, but especially the ends.

Don't be conned into thinking Extra Virgin Cold Pressed By Italian Maidens fancy-shmancy olive oil will be even better.

It's not. Save that for a nice salad later.

I like to get my hair really coated throughout in oil, but you don't have to do this. If you have straight hair, you may just want to oil the lower half of your hair only.

Then, I concentrate on lying in the sun for as long as I can get away with.

When you're all done relaxing, go shampoo out the oil twice through and condition as normal. Your hair should feel wonderful after this.

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  1. Anonymous7/20/2013

    Hi there,

    I just wet or condition my hair & only use my fingers to comb through following an article I read of yours when I was first introduced to your site approximately 2-3 years ago & I have to say my hair is so much better for it & it's obviously cheaper on the purse strings.

    However, I'm a little confused by what you have written in this article.

    First you say that shampoo 'strips' natural oils out of hair & then you say that part of the process of your 'Olive oil deep conditioning treatment' is to 'go shampoo out the oil twice through and condition as normal'.

    Seems rather contradictory & I wondered if you would be able to clarify the process.

    Kind Regards

  2. Hiya! Thanks for the question.

    Okay, don't over-think the deep conditioning thing. If your hair already feels nice on a day-to-day basis, then you don't actually need a deep-oil treatment.

    But if your ends are dry or maybe for someone whose hair is colour treated or something, this is nice to do. Or just for fun - also a good reason.

    The oil needs to be absorbed into the cuticle, but you don't want all that olive oil left on the outside surface of your hair when you're all done. That would mess up your clothes.

    So you give it a quick wash. There will still be oil left within the inner layers of your cuticle, while the outside with have it's normal coating of your favourite conditioner.

    Just give it a go! Experiment and adapt to suit the weight and condition of your hair.

    Thanks for the comment!