Monday, 24 June 2013

Professional New Yorkers Have Taken Over The Low Slung Half Back Style

During my visit to The Big Apple last month I couldn't get away from this style ...

Last month I did my obsessive hair style research in New York City, rising at dawn, haunting Starbucks at rush-hour to see what styles professional women in mid-town Manhattan were sporting.

There was one overwhelming answer:

The Low Slung Half-Back.

Even in a million-degree heat and a bajillion percent humidity, the hair was down, but gracefully pulled back in this loose, easy style.

Small claws ruled this style, but Libby has been a firm favourite of also using our Long Skinny Barrettes to create a smooth profile and avoiding that bunched-up-at-the-back look.

Notably absent from the streets of New York were quiffs and boufs. No backcombing anywhere.

The Bump is yesterday's look. You have been warned.

Libby made you a styling video to show you how fast and easy this new up-and-coming style is to create with her 3 top recommended clips.


Hair Clips shown in this video

Flourish Long Skinny Barrette
Mariposa Long Skinny Barrette
Classic Mini Claw
Cubique French Small Clamp

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You'll be glad you did.

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