Monday, 27 May 2013

Can You Believe Your Eyes? Not Always...

Shock and dismay in Beauty Land.
How's the weather where you are?

Only ask because I wanted to casually mention that I'm in actual New York City right now, possibly boarding a train with my two oldest daughters on our way to Princeton.

(If you're a Yalie, I don't even want to hear it. Be quiet.)

So, while I'm out of the office I thought I'd share with you one of my most controversial posts from the archives which prompted a lot of emails conveying widespread shock-and-dismay from our fellow Stone Bridge friends.


It's another headsmacking day in Beauty Land.

If you thought my review of Aveda's Colour Conserve Shampoo formula was interesting then you'll *love* this blogger's account of her investigation into a widely quoted skin cream "case study" ...

Can You Believe Your Eyes? Not always... from BritishBeautyBlogger


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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hair Claws Perfect For Thick Hair

Libby shares her favourite three hair claws that she likes best for her thick hair

Hair Claws For Thick Hair

Hair Claws Shown In This Video

Rectangle Large Claw
Monceau Clamp
Tournee Claw

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Monday, 13 May 2013

Get Inspired By What Others Are Choosing

Ever wonder which clips others are choosing for themselves? Take a peek!

Recently Purchased Stone Bridge Hair Accessories
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El Rosal Enamelled Barrette, £119

Tulipe Stick Barrette, £36.50

Cubique Hair Slides, 2 for £26.50

Petit Soldat French Short Pin, £12.50

City Large Barrette, £37

Allure Chunky Hair Stick, £16.50

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Growing Out Your Fringe?

Keep those wispy layers under control with this styling trick

Growing out your fringe? Try this trick...
A couple years ago I had a great personal consultation up in Harrogate with a client trying to grow out her fringe without going mad in the process.

We worked out the perfect style for her during this period that you might also find helpful if your struggling with hair that is not quite long enough to pull back out of your face, but oh-my-days much too long to just leave.

All you need is your favourite small hair slide or side barrette.

The Client
The client has hair past her shoulders, fine but a lot of it, with long layers cut into it. She was frustrated with her hair and usually pulled all her hair back into a high-ish ponytail.

As a mother of two small children, she needed a fast and easy style that kept her hair out of the way without fuss. But she wanted to look nice and groomed, and if possible stay that way all day.

The Challenges
Even though she had fine hair, the volume of it meant that it was quite heavy.

This restricted her choice of hair accessories. The design couldn't be too open, because her hair had a definite slippery texture and the weight of her hair would just pull her hair out of most clips.

Her personal style is very clean and classic, so as Claire highlighted in her recent series about styling layered hair, you have the difficulty of your layers falling out of most updos.

This can look charming, if you have a more casual or sporty style. If you don't, then it can just look scruffy.

My client was in the process of growing out her fringe (which, with her square face shape, was the right decision, in my view), but it seemed to only be "put in its place" with a scraped back style, which didn't flatter her angular face.

The Solution
I had brought along one of our small French hair slides, the Brise, which is a pretty waved cutout slender rectangle design.

Slim Oval French Slides
We did a very gentle quiff, with the Brise holding the very front of her fringe all the way back towards the back edge of her crown.

This could be made more secure with a very light misting of hairspray, to make sure the style holds all day.

Another alternative which would give a more secure hold, is our Classic French small comb.

I didn't have any of these with me on the day, but we have other customers with fine hair who do prefer their combs for quiffs and half-back sorts of styles.

We then made a French pleat with the rest of her hair, using either the Silk Wrapped Cutout claw or the French Pleat medium comb, leaving the ends of her hair fanning out at the top.

This mostly covered the Brise small slide so it couldn't be seen. But if her ends ever fell to the side as she went about her day, then she had a pretty little hair slide showing, which was completely inoffensive.

The Verdict
The client announced she felt like Audrey Hepburn! I think that counts as a good result.

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Faire La FĂȘte Hair Slide- **For Fine Hair Only**

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Headband You'll Love

Feminine, Practical, Elegant and just generally "Perfect"

Have you tried our Super Comfy Half Inch headband yet for yourself?

Bloggers Helen and Viccy have recently given it their two-thumbs-up.

Marketing executive Helen, styling our Classic Half Inch in Dark Lapis with a navy cable knit jumper by Ralph Lauren, skinny jeans and Timberland boat shoes writes:

"I absolutely adore the latest addition to my headband collection."

Check out Helen's "British Prep" lifestyle blog here.

And mum of 2 Viccy enthused about our Colour collection, commenting:

"The colour is vivid too... both colours really 'popped' on my mid-blonde hair. Stunning and elegant."

Read her full review here.

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Super Comfy Classic Half Inch Headband, Set of 2

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