Monday, 25 March 2013

I Know It's Snowing, But Spring's Come Early

... in Tokyo

Nice hat. But we've got nicer hair clips.
I tell you what, this global warming business is sure kooky.

My husband went cycling with his insane brother up in Leeds this weekend.

Well, cycling might be a strong word for it.

More like pushing bikes through knee-deep snow, with periodic tossing of bikes over drifts.

It's still a good workout, no matter what you call it.

But Leeds is not what we're talking about here.

No, We're Not Talking About Leeds But Lovely Japan

It might be like Narnia here in Britain, trapped in an eternal winter.

But I figured out who's been snaffling all our spring weather. Yes I have.

It's the season of Hanami in Japan, the Cherry Blossom Festival and the first bloom of Tokyo marking the first day of this popular celebration emerged 10 days earlier than last year, on 18 March.

But, don't worry!

You've not missed out and you can still celebrate as the Kyoto festival only just started on Monday.

We, of course, have appropriate attire to help you get in the mood, even if you are throwing bikes over snow drifts.

Kyoto Scarf Headband in Chrysanthemum Red
If you're a fan of our scarf headbands, make your way quickly to check out our colourful new Kyoto Scarf Headband, available in Chrysanthemum Red (shown left), Tokyo Sky Blue and Peach Blossom.

Numbers, as always, are limited, so be sure to grab yours before these blossoms drift away.

If you're more of a barrette fancier, you'll love the warm golden tones and subtle sparkle of our French handmade Sakura Barrette.

Sakura Bloom Barrette
This is a traditional 8 cm flat barrette, so very effective in fine hair.

The hand-tinted colour looks oh, so rich in strawberry blonde to auburn tones.

Highly recommended and you won't be disappointed.


Looking for more Spring ideas?

Wander over in a swift yet orderly fashion to Stone Bridge Hair Accessories.

There's plenty more to see!

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All done?

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