Monday, 28 January 2013

One Barrette That Works Really Well For Curly Hair

Melissa has a bad hair day and shares her pet peeve

You know me.

I will happily have ridiculous hair if it helps you enjoy your hair more.

In this video, I share with you my pet peeve, which does NOT apply to us curly girls (lucky us!)


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  1. great video , as usual ! Can we have some videos made for straighter or straight hair - using women with straight or straightish hair, please ?
    Thank you , wishing you peace and health . Linda x

    1. Hiya Linda, thanks for commenting! :)

      You know, I would have more videos using women with straight hair, if only the straight-haired women didn't run from the room each time I suggested it would be a good idea ... LOL

      I will call a meeting immediately and demand some straight-haired videos pronto. No more excuses.

      But if you need some video goodness sooner, trawl through the archives and you can see some vintage videos made by Claire back in May 2011 about layered hair.

      Thanks again for your request Linda. It helps me out!