Thursday, 17 January 2013

Curly Hair Styling Tips Part 3: Easy Daily Styling For Perfect Definition

The Last In My Video Series On Getting The Best From Your Curly Hair Every Day

Welcome to the third and final video in my series on easy daily styling techniques that will help you get the best performance out of your hair.

In the last two videos I looked at a critically important way to minimise unnecessary damage, and how to best use shampoo and conditioner to really make the most of your texture.

If you want to know more about using Shampoo and Conditioner, and not all the marketing hype that the beauty industry would like you to believe, click here for my detailed articles on these topics.

Today I demonstrate how I personally style my hair every day from wet to get nicely defined curls.

This is just so easy it's crazy.


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Having fun? Don't stop now!

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  1. Anonymous1/18/2013

    I must have missed it, what styling product did you use? I thought you just put in Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner? brit

    1. Dear Brit, Hiya, thanks for your question.

      I personally only use Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner, but I know there are plenty of people who don't like this product themselves.

      I used to use a Bumble & Bumble curl cream that I loved, but they discontinued it :(

      You've got to just find the product that works best for the weight of your hair and strength of your curl.

      Thanks again for your question!

  2. Hi Melissa
    I have loved your VT's as always and have discovered that my hair is not exactly curly - its very wavy. Thats ok - I still got lots of tips from you. Thanks!
    I am 56 and previously have always had 'fine hair but lots of it'. It is shoulder length.
    I am pretty upset to find that it is thinning on top... is there anything that I can do? Is this hormonal?
    Please could you address this problem as I am sure there are many of us out here worrying about it...
    Maggie xx

    1. Hello Maggie! Thanks for your question. I have made a note in my little notebook as this is a huge, huge topic.

      Certainly one I shall try and tackle for you.

      Hopefully you've seen I'm trying to collect questions for future posts. If not, have a gander at this ....

      Watch this space!