Monday, 14 January 2013

Curly Hair Styling Tips Part 2: In The Shower

"No Messing" Shampoo Techniques To Get The Best From Your Curly Hair

Welcome to Part 2 in my series of videos about my personal daily styling routine for curly hair.

In the last post I covered a really important technique that will honestly help you minimise a common cause of damage to hair.

While this is probably critical for you if you have curly hair, it will also be incredibly helpful to you if you suffer from any sort of breakage or split ends.

Adopting my daily "dry grooming" method will immediately start to help your hair become healthier and more manageable.

Today's video will take you through shampooing and conditioning to get the best out of curly hair.

A lot of this information flies in the face of conventional practice, because, frankly, the beauty industry would much rather you used more of all their products every day.

Here, I go through how much you actually need to use, and how to tell whether you need to use less, more or indeed any products at all.

A Brief Apology

By the way, the editing on this tape is quite choppy.

It was viciously attacked by technology gremlins during recording and you might notice the sound distorting away from the video.

Before editing, this distortion was WAY worse.

However, I worked out it was easier to do all this editing work than to retape the whole video ... hopefully you'll see why after watching!

Enjoy your second video!

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Having fun? Why stop now?

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  1. Brilliant Melissa. I love these articles and am taking all your advice. Thanks!

    1. LOL. Ah, the things I do to help.

      Not everyone gets to see me walking around with soaking wet hair ... no, wait. Maybe they do now :)

      Glad you're finding these helpful!