Thursday, 3 January 2013

Curly Hair Styling Tip 1: Easy Damage Prevention Technique

Prevent Unnecessary Damage To Your Hair With My Easy "Dry Grooming" Method

Lots of people have asked me about my daily styling routine, so I've done a series for you going through how I groom and style my own hair in detail.

In the next three posts on this topic I'll cover:

  • How To Prevent Damage To Your Hair With "Dry Grooming"
  • The "No Messing About" Way To Shampoo To Get The Best Out Of Your Curly Hair
  • Fast Styling For Improved Daily Curl Definition

If you don't have curly hair, but do have a problem with split ends or breakage, I strongly recommend you watch videos 1 and 2.

There is some important information in there that is not only ridiculously easy and costs you exactly nothing to do, but it will also definitely help you get better manageability and a healthier appearance for your hair.

Enjoy your first video!

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Having fun? Why stop now?

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  1. This is great thanks. I have curly hair and always comb my fingers through when it's wet. I'll do it when it's dry in future!!!

  2. Dear Penel,

    Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you found this helpful. I think you'll find fingers full of dry hair are much easier to clean than fingers full of wet hair, too! LOL.

    Come back and let me know how you get on with this method after giving it a few goes.


  3. Anonymous1/07/2013

    Please could you show hair styles for size8 5ft.petite 57 year old with curly middle length hair and NOT much forehead ....I have some of your hair things but nothing seems to be ok any more AGE maybe ..I have no bangs best wishes Olivia if I cur it my hair will be worse I feel it makes me look old......I understand French wome have natural hair

  4. Dear Olivia,

    Thanks for your question. This is quite specific and without seeing your hair in person it would be difficult for me to give you really great solutions specific to your situation.

    But there are two points (and related articles) that might help.

    1. Create an illusion of height & lengthen your face with a quiff style:

    2. Feel better about getting older:

    and, then

    If you'd like to book a personal consultation, these are currently £210 for mainland England. Ring Libby on 01732 883820 to find out more details.

    My main recommendation is to find yourself a style icon that you can copy and use to evolve your style. If the changes associated with aging are making you unhappy with your appearance, it may be time to shake yourself out of a rut.

    A look or even hair style suited to younger women can indeed be aging, but so can not styling at all.

    However, it doesn't mean you have to go the Granny route and take on an old lady hairstyle. Experiment, experiment, experiment.

    Personally, I think weekends were invented for trying out new hairstyles in the bathroom.

    Thanks again for getting in touch. You have indeed have given me a great idea to write more about faceshapes. Thanks for that.

    Watch this space!