Friday, 29 November 2013

The Partners' Ball - Perfect Black Tie Hair

Whether It's Your Organisation Or Your Husband's, Knock 'Em Dead With Your Hair

"My lady, your hair looks ravishing..."
Yup. They'll all be saying that.
Ahhhh... The Partners' Ball.

That festive do where The Firm has booked the entire Natural History Museum.

Greeted at the door with a cheap glass of bubbly (or a decent glass that you DO NOT want to see the catering bill for).

Some mushed up stuff on a circle of puff pastry served on a black serviette, brought to you at regular intervals.

A loud DJ and no one on the dance floor.

After an hour or so, all those people from the office, gently marinaded in red wine and gin.

An animated conversation with someone you've only just met who just so happens (you find out later) to spend his lunches at the local strip club. What a disappointment.

Ah, yes. Happy times.

What's not to look forward to?

I can't help you have a good time. But I can help your hair put it's best foot forward.

Try some of these beauties and guaranteed you'll floor them all.

Pur Silver Hair Stick, £395

In pure hallmarked sterling silver and produced to our exacting specifications, this hair stick has been designed to have a luxurious weight and strength to hold even thick hair in a French pleat or chignon.

An heirloom quality piece that is the ultimate in simple elegance.

Eclat Crystal Hair Fork, £60

Three fine trails of brilliant Swarovski crystal blazed across the Eclat hair Fork.

Entirely handmade in France, the Eclat Fork is studded with 29 crystals, each one individually set by hand. Beautifully suited for parties and evenings in town.

Recommended for fine to medium weight hair.

Hepburn Crystal Barrette, £229

One of the fastest selling designs this season.

With dazzling sparkle and ageless design, our Hepburn Crystal Barrette will add mesmerising brilliance to your hair.

Handmade in France exclusively for Stone Bridge, this barrette has been studded with 185 shining crystals, set off by a classic polished tortoiseshell base.

Velvet Knot Claw, £59

Our Velvet Knot Claw has been wrapped in the softest Italian velvet ever. It really is hard to resist.

This claw, made exclusively for Stone Bridge in America, will hold your hair up beautifully and comfortably all evening.

Most suitable for fine to medium hair.

Poignée French Cuffed Elastic, £27

New this season the strong geometric shape of the Poignée Cuffed Elastic will be the perfect way to update your ponytail.

Available in Red Cabernet, French Vanilla with Spice, and Black with Silver Shell.

Visit Stone Bridge for more beautiful ways to dress your hair this party season.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The 10 Most Recently Purchased Hair Accessories

Take a Sneaky Peek At What Other People Are Buying!

Listed By: Most Recently Purchased

Rectangle Large Claw, £49

One of our best selling designs. Interlocking rounded teeth provide a firm hold that will keep your hair comfortably off your neck.

A beautiful design you will love wearing every day.

Best for thick or curly hair.

Silk Presentation Bag, £6.95

Whether you're giving a Stone Bridge clip as a gift of just want to treat yourself, you will love our silk presentation bag in our signature Stone Bridge red.

Custom made to our specification in Cambodia by the Watthan Artisans Collective from locally-loomed shot silk and lined with cotton.

3 Pearlised Side Barrettes, £34

For holding back your fringe or for an elegant half-back style, our Pearlised Sdie Barrette will do the job beautifully.

Price is for 3 barrettes in the colour mix of your choice!

Available in Mint, Midnight Blue, Red and Lilac.

Hepburn Crystal Barrette, £229

With dazzling sparkle and ageless  design, our Hepburn Crystal Barrette will add mesmerising brilliance to your hair.

A stunning barrette that works well both for helping a French pleat or dressy ponytail style.

Thick hair? Try our Hepburn Large Barrette

Renaissance Velvet Headband, £95

Made exclusively for Stone Bridge, featuring Italian velvet, delicately bound with twisted silk wraps.

Meticulously made and, in the words of one customer, "So, so comfortable!"

Available in Holly, Scarlet and Raven Black.

Chenille Elastics, £12.95 for 3

Here's a true fact I read somewhere: wearing colours makes a woman's workout better.

Brighten up your sporting ponytail with our cheerful, soft Chenille Elastics - thick, velvety elastics that won't cut into and damage your hair.

Choose your 3 favourite colours!

Recommended particularly for slippery hair.

Classic Extra Wide Headband, £55

Our Classic Extra Wide Headband is perfect when you need a band with some oomph to hold your hair back properly.

French made, the high quality manufacturing combines strength with flexibility.

Suitable for medium to thick or curly hair.

Watercolour Barrettes, £16.50 for 2

Add a touch of delicate warmth to your hair. These watercolours are so soft and feminine, you can wear them anytime and anywhere.

Made in France, these hair clips have a lovely smooth surface and a strong quality clasp that will hold your hair gently and comfortably.

Sold in a set of 2 colours, Ocean Blue and Red Sea, as shown.

Classic French Side Comb, £35

Our Classic French handmade side combs are perfect for every day but smart enough to wear for an evening out.

Beautifully shaped and plashed by hand, the teeth are all perfectly smooth, with no sharp edges to catch at your hair.

Traditional luxury and craftsmanship you will love.

Monceau Extra Large Hair Clamp, £72

The Monceau Extra Large Hair Clamp is designed for the thickest hair.

The cutwork scrolls allow your hair to show through, really showing off the delicacy of its intricate design.

A strong spring and the best materials give you the confidence that you will be enjoying this clamp for a long time to come, or as happened to one of our dear customers, it get crushed by an elephant.

These things will happen, unfortunately.

Visit Stone Bridge for more brilliant, hair clip-shaped ideas for your hair.

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Surprising Way Straighteners Actually Damage Your Hair

If We Ever Found the Best Straighteners in the World, We Still Wouldn't Sell Them

The surprising way heat styling
damages your hair
I often wrestle with the idea that Stone Bridge ought to carry more styling tools, like brushes and straighteners and so forth, and not just concentrate only on great quality hair accessories.

Straighteners, in particular, are a huge market.

So, if I ever came across the best straighteners in the world, would we sell them?


Because they will probably damage your hair.

And I'd feel guilty about that.

I want to tell you exactly why straighteners work and what they do to your hair.

How does heat styling work on hair?

When you straighten or curl your hair using heat  you are temporarily resetting the chemical bonds that give your hair its natural texture. Inside, your hair is dotted with sulphur "points" that pair up and bond together as your hair dries, pinching your hair up into it naturally occurring wave or curl.

These bonds break apart when your hair is exposed to water.

The number of sulphur bonds in your hair is different all over your head, and it of course varies from person to person as well.

The amount of sulphur in your hair determines not only how wavy or curly your hair is, but also how well your hair can held a set hairstyle.

Naturally straight hair, for example, can have a tendency to refuse to hold a curl if its sulphur content is very, very low.

Permanent wave treatments simply "lock" your sulphur bonds together, so hair that is already low in sulphur may not take a permanent treatment either.

For most women, though, all that is needed to set a curl in your hair (or to straighten it) is for the hair to be shaped when damp and left until it is completely dry.

The sulphur bonds will hold the set shape until exposed again to moisture, whether it is in your shower, perspiring on a hot day, or simply humidity in the air.

Once water is introduced back into the hair, the bonds break and reset themselves along their natural alignment.

We use heat in the styling process mostly because it helps the hair dry faster, which give you more control while styling.

There is also an added benefit that a low level of heat can help the cuticle dry flatter, smoother and stronger.

Done properly, you can use blow dryers and straighteners without causing too much damage to your hair. The way to do this is by using these tools only on damp - not wet - hair, on a low setting.

Using a high heat setting can cause the water inside the core of your hair to boil. The steam will burst through the protective cuticle of your hair and cause irreversible damage to your hair.

Heat protection serums can provide a little protection, but only when the heat setting is kept low, not at the 200-degree level many straighteners are pre-set for.

Hair which is straightened every time you wash your hair is at high risk of damage.

Manufacturers of these tools are not going to tell you this and they will encourage you to believe that if you buy special conditioners and serums (ideally from them) then your hair will be in wonderful, healthy condition.

The good news is that there are signs of trends more supportive of natural textures.

If you want to learn more, click here to read my article all about the most common reasons hair gets damaged.

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories for hair clips that are kinder on your hair...

Friday, 22 November 2013

Top Gift Ideas For Thick Hair

Here are 5 of the best gifts for women with thick hair

Monceau Extra Large Clamp, £72

The Monceau Extra Large Hair Clamp is designed for the thickest hair.

 The Monceau has been handmade in France and polished to a beautiful shine you will love.

The cutwork scrolls allow your hair to show through, really showing off the delicacy of its intricate design.

 A strong spring and the best materials give you the confidence that you will be enjoying this clamp for a long time to come.

Hepburn Crystal Large Barrette, £249
With dazzling sparkle and ageless design, our Hepburn Crystal Large Barrette will add mesmerizing brilliance to your hair.

Handmade in France exclusively for Stone Bridge, this barrette has been studded with 162 shining Swarovski crystals, beautifully set off by a glossy tortoiseshell-coloured base.

The large clasp means you can be confident of a durable, strong hold that will work in your hair.

A stunning barrette that works well both for holding a pleat or dressy ponytail style.

Crystal Couture Headband, £325

Rich and subtle, our Crystal Couture Headband combines the classic one-inch width style with the texture of pleated and wrapped Italian silk, then studded with coordinated Swarovski crystal beads.

 Made by hand in America to our exacting specification and great attention to detail, this is a beautiful luxury design for a woman who loves her headbands.

Pur Silver Hair Stick, £395

In solid hallmarked sterling silver and produced to our exacting specifications, this hair stick has been designed to have a luxurious weight and strength to hold even thick hair in a French pleat or chignon.

The ultimate in simple elegance, an heirloom piece you (and your daughters) will treasure.

French Columbine Elastic, £57

Beautifully handmade in France, the curled shape of our French Columbine ponytail elastic will smarten up any ponytail.

The flower has been layered with two materials in a glossy black and our very popular tortoiseshell. The arched and multilayered shape adds interest to a classic ponytail style, suitable for work or even a formal event.

 Perfectly polished by hand to a deep shine, there are no sharp edges that might catch and snag your hair, while the high quality, soft chenille elastic will hold your hair gently and securely without damage.

The size of this flower makes it most suitable for medium to thick hair, or hair with some wave or curl.

Want some other suggestions? Why not ring Libby on 01732 883820 and get her expert recommendations for the perfect gift that will most definitely work in thick hair.

Or, browse more hair accessories perfect for thick hair

Top Gift Ideas For Fine Hair

Here are 5 of the best gift ideas for women with fine hair

Galaxy Crystal Claw, £149
With gorgeous retro-styled bursts of shining star clusters, our Galaxy Crystal Claw gives your pleat style a luxurious touch.

 Handmade in France with 92 brilliant Swarovski crystals, this claw has nicely curved and well-spaced teeth that will hold your hair securely and comfortably, while the hand polished finish ensures there are no sharp bits to snag your hair.

Falling Leaf Barrette, £39
Architectural styling elevates this artfully hand-curved barrette above the ordinary.

Handmade in France from glossy layered two-tone material giving a sophisticated combination of sharp contrast and feminine styling.

Lyrically shaped and finished to a high shine with no sharp bits to catch your hair. The strong quality steel clasp ensures a firm and comfortable hold your hair will love.

 Suitable for fine to medium weight hair, or for thick hair in a half-back style.

Renaissance Velvet Headband, £95
Made exclusively for Stone Bridge in America, our comfortable Renaissance Velvet Headband features Italian velvet, delicately bound with twisted silk wraps.

 Dressy enough for evenings, and understated enough for the office, this is a headband you'll love to wear again and again. Available in Holly, Scarlet, and Raven.

Eclat Crystal Hair Fork, £60

Three fine trails of brilliant Swarovski crystal blaze across the Eclat Hair Fork, adding just the right touch to your hair this season.

Entirely handmade in France, the Eclat Fork is studded with 29 crystals, each one individually set by hand. The fork itself has gone through a 10-day finishing process, ensuring completely smooth edges that are gentle on your hair.

Beautifully suited for parties and evenings in town but subtle enough to wear to the office.

Particularly effective in fine to medium hair.

Verrou Rivet Side Barrette, £38.50
For an elegant half-back style with finer hair, our Verrou Crystal Rivet side barrette will do the job beautifully.

Handmade in France, this barrette has been polished to a rich shine and with the high quality steel clasp, you can be confident of a durable, secure and comfortable hold.

Need some other ideas? Ring Libby on 01732 883820 and get expert recommendations for exactly the right gift.

Or, browse more hair accessories perfect for fine hair

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Miracle Technique For Younger Skin… And Saves You Money

It Doesn't Come In A Bottle And It's Completely Free. Guaranteed.

Looking younger is easier than you think.
This weekend my husband ran a marathon.

Normally anyone running a marathon is due considerable praise, glory and widespread admiration.

What made me particularly proud of him in this instance was that just a few months ago he broke his shoulder blade in a cycling accident.

No hair-line fracture for him. No, sir.

He snapped that guy straight across the blade.

Now, normal people would use this as the perfect excuse to put their little feet up and order the cheerful and doting teenagers of the house to bring salty snacks and beer, summoned by a feeble snapping of the fingers several times a day.

That's what I would have done.

But the heartsink of his injury was that it came right at the beginning of his training season for running.

In spite of him being a stubborn loon, the medical powers that be encouraged him to take on whatever physical exercise he could manage, taking guidance from his pain.

In his mind, that means start those 10-mile runs post-haste.

Which he did.

Anyway, you are probably thinking, "Why are you talking about foolish people training for marathons when you promised a Miracle Anti-Aging Technique? Where are you going with this?"

Okay, I'm getting to that.

To make a long and uninteresting story very short, he ran the event, I was very pleased and lifted him up on my shoulders and we ran around whooping with victory. Then we went home to celebrate in traditional style: with a very long, very hot bath (for him) and some warm English beer and copious salty snacks (which I generously shared with him).

Long, Hot & Daily

I have written in the past about the effect prolonged contact with hot water has on hair, and my husband's hot soak reminded me of a column written a few years ago by the funny and philosophical Johann Wiechers, PhD, a well-known and well-liked cosmetic scientist.

He writes of his protracted (and probably hopeless) battle with his own gaggle of teenagers' insistence on daily, multiple showers, each "thinking (s)he was the next Idol… After having been cruelly awoken with the firm realisation that they are not even a mere 5% of Susan Boyle, I grudgingly come out of bed to tell them that it is too often, too hot, and too long."

Wiechers reflects on a 2009 study of recreational swimmers and the impact on skin hydration which found that the skin's natural moisturiser, sebum, was reduced and the pH elevated for a period of a few hours following the swim.

However, the skin had returned to normal after 24 hours.

Translating this with regards to showering, combining hot water with shampoo and/or soap (or soap substitute - the effect is still the same) you create conditions to increase sebum loss, as oil will run more readily at levels above core body temperature and soap is of course designed to "roll" oil up and away from surfaces.

Following such a shower, you will indeed feel the need for a commercial moisturiser as you've just done your very best to remove your existing inherent moisturiser.

The cruel irony is that as soon as your skin has recovered, you jump in the shower again to ensure you smell of flowers.

It is well known that youthful looking skin has higher moisture levels than "aged" or damaged skin, and this is one of the primary actions of "anti-aging" creams.

As a society we like to smell as if we had a wash that morning, but if the process leaves our skin dry and uncomfortable, as well as dependent on commercial moisturisers, what is the alternative?

If I were writing for a glossy women's magazine, I'd say smear the contents of your fridge over you, sit comfortably watching X-Factor while your family steers clear, spritz perfume on your hair and drink a lot of water.

But I don't write for any glossy women's magazines.

Funny that. I wonder where I went wrong?

The Miracle Anti-Aging Technique

One thing to experiment with, particularly as you get older and your skin naturally becomes drier, is to lower the temperature and shorten the length of your shower, saving your luxurious hot soaks for celebrating the completion of marathons.

The second thing to try is to only use soap or shower gels in smaller amounts, with a flannel, and only where you are actually dirty.

I know this isn't as much fun, but you can wallow in the satisfaction of being right. And it is fun to be smug, let's face it.

The bottom line is not only will limiting your exposure to hot water and soap give your skin a bit of a break, it will save a few pennies off your heating and shopping bill, which is no bad thing.

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All done reading?

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Struggling With Slippery Hair?

Melissa's Top Tips Just For You

Last year we had a fabulous Christmas event at the Oriental Club in London.

I love these because we get a chance to talk one-on-one to loads of people about the issues they're having with their hair.

One customer in particular was determined to conquer the hair stick.

But ... bad news.

She has super slippery hair.

Click my video to find out my tippy top tips for how to get your slippery hair to stay put!

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Allure Chunky Hair Stick (Sold out! Try our Vrille Classic French Hair Stick instead!)
French Pleat Medium Comb
Moana French Beak Clip

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories for more really pretty hair clips that will make you smile ... ;)

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TRESemme Split Remedy Review Update

I like our hair clips but what do our customers say?

You send us so many lovely comments every day which keeps us inspired to do more and better.

Of course we love our hair clips. But what do you think?

The independent review sites across the internet have produced some great feedback, and today we’re sharing a few of our highest rated and most talked about products.

Here comes the 5 star hair clips:


My fickle flyaway hair tamed in one movement by a fabulous looking comb! I was so pleased I bought one for a friend and another for myself. 

They really are incredible, comfortable and mould to the shape of your head. I am so pleased with them. The colours are lovely...

Monceau Medium Claw, £65

Lovely, high quality accessories which I will treasure. They are really robust and will last well (and I'll not be sharing with my 7 year old daughter!)

Finally! Finally! Finally! A clasp that can hold my fine hair and not fall out - where have you been all my life?

Chenille Elastics, Set of 3, £12.95

I swear this is the last order I'm placing this month. Every time I visit your site I find more that I want!

Read more feedback from Stone Bridge customers (or submit your own!) on FreeIndex and Trust Pilot.

It might help you decide on your next purchase.

If you are still unsure what's best for your hair, our hair consultant Libby is ready to help and clear all your doubts. 

Just email her at or ring on 01732 883820.


P.S. Have you got that special Stone Bridge hair clip and want to rate it with your 5 stars? Tell us about it by posting it in the comments below, or emailing me! I'd love to hear from you...

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They'll choke on their Cosmopolitans in pure envy...

They'll choke on their Cosmopolitans in pure envy...
Get your hair Party Perfect with Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Cosmos Crystal Large Barrette

Splendide Bow Barrette

Monday, 21 October 2013

Don't Be Scared... It's Just Me With Monster Hair

One Surprising Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

We're building up to Halloween, so I thought I'd share one of my most popular videos from the archives with you.

It has always generated a lot of emails and comments, and if you have alway wondered why your hair  might go frizzy, like, all the time, this might be a clue.

Warning: you may need a cushion handy for hiding your eyes during the scary bits!

* ~ * ~ *

I had a leeetle bit of time this weekend before meeting my friends for lunch, so I thought I'd experiment with my hair.

My children were frightened.

The youngest was quiet for a minute and said, "Are you able to put it back the way it was?"

Bless her.

So don't watch this video if you are of a delicate nature.

Enjoy ... so to speak, *ahum*.

One Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

Visit Stone Bridge for some lovely hair clips.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Trend To Try: The Centre Parting

Don't be frightened! It's good to try new things.

If Diane von Furstenberg and Franca Sozzani
can do it, so can I
I was doing a trawl of press and publicity images from Paris Fashion Week, trying to decide which trend in hair was one to point out and... I have to say this... the centre parting is big time.

I'm talking BIG TIME, my friend.

Now, if you've been following the blog for some time you'll know that I'm not one to just talk the talk when it comes to hair.

No, sir.

I *walk* what I talk, yes I do. Whatever that means.

And today this very fine morn I styled myself for the first time EVER in my life with the Centre Parting.


I felt the fear and did it anyway.

And I did the actual School Run with my hair this way.

If that is not bravery then I don't know what is.

And here's how I look, as I know you're desperate to see for yourself:

Me, rocking the hair trend of Paris Fashion Week

So here is what I have to say to you.

1. If you get stuck in a rut with your hair, it's your own darn fault.

2. To get out of a rut, you've got to try new things.

3. When you experiment, you don't need to go the whole hog like I do like a fool and go out in public.

4. The cool thing about your hair is if you don't like it, you can go back to your comfy old ways, no harm done. I'm not telling you to cut your hair. Just shift that ol' parting and get yourself down with the kids.

5. And worst of all, if you don't try new things ... you'll never know if they work for you. Never.

Never's a long time.

I've told you, backcombing, quiffing, bouffing are all on their way out.

This very well could be the future.

Give it a go tonight, and see what you think.

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