Sunday, 30 December 2012

Stone Bridge Best Hair Accessories of the Year

Before you start your New Year shopping, you might want to check this list…

Over the course of 2012, we followed your choices, evaluated your feedback, listened to every comment…

To make it onto the list of Best Hair Accessories, a Stone Bridge hair clip really had to get appreciation, kudos and lots of love from you.

Here, at Stone Bridge, we take the word "best" very seriously.

After analyzing and reviewing we present you these beautiful hair clips that you fell in love with this year:

 Barrette of the Year: Arc Oval Barrette 

What you see is what you get. It's a shortcut to a perfect ponytail.

You told us you in particular love the rich shine and classic colours of this barrette.

Check out what one fan had to say:

"Since the barrette arrived, I've been really enjoying experimenting with different updos. The barrette is really comfy, great quality and the caramel horn looks great with my dark blonde hair."

Claw of the Year: Rectangle Large Claw 

It was love at first hold that turned into a lasting relationship.

But don't take our word for it ...

"I have a huge amount of hair and trash cheap clips and clamps in no time either by bursting the springs or dropping them and shattering the plastic. The Stonebridge ones are in a different league. Beautifully made, with top quality springs and hand finishing. I suspect in the end, I will spend less by buying these gorgeous long lasting version let alone how much better they look and work in my hair."

Hair Band of the Year: Super Comfy Half Inch Classic Headband

You can't always judge a headband by its look.

You were so pleased with its comfort that you ordered this one for your sisters, mothers and friends.

As one happy customer wrote:

"The reason I purchased a hairband was the promise that I would have no discomfort behind my ears when wearing it. I wore it for a few days and it molded to my head shape and I now can wear it anytime knowing it will never hurt me. I know I can buy hairbands much cheaper but I have no comfort wearing them so I do think yours are worth the money."

We are happy as Larry with everyone who are enjoying their beautiful Stone Bridge hair clips and sharing the feedback with us to make them even better.

Want to share your own favourites? Click to write your review now.

New Year is coming up quick and dare I say... Whether you have Fine hair or Thick hair, the future is bright. And very exciting.

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