Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Style Your Hair Like The First Lady Does

It's not long till we find out who the next President of United States will be.

Big name, big responsibilities.

I'm not not going to be drawn on politics.

But I'll happily argue all day about hair.

Today, waiting for the election results, I thought of the recent hairstyles of the First Lady Michelle Obama and the First Lady in Waiting Ann Romney.

Whoever gets to be First Lady for the next four years, we approve of the hair.

Get Michelle's Cool Half-Back Hair

First Lady Michelle Obama meeting the Queen, 2009

Hey, if it's good enough for a meeting with the Queen, it's probably good enough for you too.

Check out my styling video and you too can look as effortlessly elegant as the First Lady Michelle Obama:

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The X Slide

Create Ann Romney's Classic French Pleat

Ann shows up about 1:18 minutes into this clip, but it shows her hair at this recent rally quite well.

In this candid video, you might think "Hey, her hair's all messed up. Why are you showing me this?"

What I think is rather cool about this clip is earlier this very day she was on the beach in her actual swimsuit hanging out and talking to people.

So she's taken her hair from the beach to a massive rally and the French pleat has carried her through.

A wise woman.

Frankly, when you need to be impressing millions, you can't go wrong with a French pleat style.

Learn how to create this simple style just using a barrette.

Hair Accessories Used In This Video
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Classic Long Barrette
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Enjoy and let me know which style you liked more!

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