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Going Grey? Brighten Your Skin and Hair

Catherine D'Arcy Gives Her Top Picks For Skin And Hair

None of us are getting any younger (if you are, please contact me ASAP).

While some may choose to grow old disgracefully (you can count me in that group), others decide to opt for an elegant aging, making the most of the changes in hair and skin tone that time brings.

Grey hair can look absolutely stunning, providing a fabulous backdrop for dark hair accessories and reflecting the light onto polished finishes. 

Here are a few hair accessories that can enhance hair tending towards silver and ash tones.

- Ficcare Maximas Border Clip

- Ficcare Rock Star Hair Fork

- Pur Silver Hair Stick


Brightening Your Skin Tone

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll know that the right colour hair clip can actually brighten your hair, making it look healthier.

The same is true for your skin. Although I’m sure you started thinking about wrinkles, I will surprise you: new studies have revealed that it’s actually skin tone that gives away one’s age and not wrinkles alone.

As Dr. Matts, scientist at Procter and Gamble, says, “In a young, healthy face, the only contrast is due to the features – the mouth, nose and eyes – but as you age, you acquire concentrations of haemoglobin and melanin, and shadows due to lines and wrinkles, and it is this contrast that gives a major cue to our perception of age. Like it or not, if you walk into a room full of people, your eyes will focus on the face with the most even skin coloration.”

Do you know that adjusting jewellery to your skin tone can also help to take advantage of the changes in your skin?

It was noticed long time ago that silver and platinum are the best metals for older skin. Gold can look brassy unless you are blessed with dark skin in a warm tone.

The wonderful thing about silver is that it is relatively cheap, but extremely versatile, allowing designers to create an almost limitless variety of shapes, sizes and textures for you to choose from: whether you want to wear a simple silver chain, or stack silver bangles to your elbows, there will be something that is perfect for you.

The customers of Corazon Latino tend to be between 35 and 75, so I really know what works against more mature hair and skin.

These are my top 5 picks:

- Pandora silver bangle – a big, chunky statement piece that will look fabulous for years and works with any outfit.

- Luna range bracelet, necklace, bangle and ring in a contemporary twist of a classic Russian wedding ring. No matter what type of jewellery you like, this lovely design works brilliantly.

- Sylvia Liquid silver jewellery – our liquid silver is incredibly popular and with a range of lengths, styles and strands is designed to work for everyone.

- Lutetia Bracelet and Necklace – this lovely design is extremely chic and contemporary but classic enough to work on any age.

- Pan Necklace a lovely pendant on black cords. If you find black too harsh, you can swap the pendant onto any coloured ribbon or even a silver chain to create your own unique look.

About the Author: Catherine D'Arcy is a long-time Stone Bridge hair accessories collector and founder of Corazon Latino, a collection of fine quality silver, amber and pearl jewellery.

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