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Looking For Cherry Chau?
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Friday, 7 September 2012

How To Feel 30 Again (Without The Angst)

Find Out The Secret To Feeling Younger, Living Longer

Feel 30 Again: It's Easier Than You Think
Have you ever noticed I'm a little obsessed with helping you love your hair?

Every week I write about a new style you can try, a trick for looking better, or a mindset to help you enjoy your hair instead of feeling miserable about it.

I share with you how to spend less time grooming so you have more time to live your great life, and show you examples of women who are working their hair and share their secrets with you.

Look better, feel better, live better.

That's what we're about.

So let's just cut to the chase.

What you really want is to feel younger, stronger and more attractive.

You want to feel 30 again, with out the lousy self-identity angst and biological clock rubbish.

I'm going to tell you something you won't believe, but holy smokes this is the truth.

You CAN do that in the next two minutes. And it's not even gonna cost you £15.

The Woman With The Secret To Feeling Younger

You know those days when you're walking around, minding your own business?

The kind of day when you think, "This is a normal day and nothing interesting or thrilling could possibly happen," and then you meet someone who sends your life inexorably rolling off in a completely unexpected direction?

Well, that happened to me recently.

And, yes, you can tell my husband. He knows all about it.

It happened like this ...

A few weeks ago I was doing my figure skating training at stupid o'clock in the morning with my coach.

I wasn't the only lunatic up at that hour.

There were the usual European Figure Skating Champions running me over, doing their crazy lifts and triple Lutz jumps while I edged towards the barrier in fear.

Also there was Mark Hanretty, an exquisite and ridiculously accomplished skater.

But never you mind about him.

It was his partner, a teeny little blonde woman in black lycra who I guessed was about 60 or so.

I didn't recognise WHO she was at first. I didn't have my glasses on an and my eyesight is not the greatest.

I just thought she was another adult skating student like me.

Aside from being eaten up with jealousy that she was getting coached by actual Mark Hanretty, I didn't pay that much attention.

But then she started skating.

She was good.

Really, technically good. With beautiful poise and perfect presentation.

As I left the rink my coach told me who she was.

Well, it was only Rosemary Conley, the health and weightloss guru, writer of a jillion books and publisher of Rosemary Conley's Diet And Fitness Magazine, not to mention the founder of the nationwide network of Rosemary Conley dieting clubs and most recently the much heralded contestant on ITV's Dancing on Ice earlier this year.

Rosemary Conley. What's her secret?
The next morning, all the women at the rink were talking about Rosemary.

"Did you see her figure? Stunning. And her legs? To die for."

I'm telling you. We all want to sell our old legs on Ebay and go to the leg shop and ask for the Rosemary Conley versions.

Don't ask what the price is, you want her legs.

But then we agreed, her skin is fantastic. And it isn't just foundation, like you think when you see people looking lovely on the telly.

Her skin is just plain ... good.

Rosemary is 65 years old. She'll tell anyone. So how does she do it?

From that moment I was determined to speak to Rosemary and learn her secrets.

So I could share them with you, naturally.

It turns out she's recently published a book, The Secrets Of Staying Young, on this very subject.

As I found during my interview, feeling younger is actually easy.

But in order to accept how you achieve it, you must prepare your mind for some hard (yet inspiring) home truths.

Are you ready?

The First Secret Is Daily Exercise

Rosemary explains, "There's a natural tendency for our bodies to 'head south' as we get older if we leave them to their natural path. It's not an attractive prospect for any of us, but we can reverse this with a bit of effort. Better still, we can prevent it happening in the first place if we develop a healthy and active lifestyle from our 40s or 50s."

So what's really happening while we merrily paddle our canoes over the waterfall of youth in our late thirties?

One critical change.

Our muscles shrink.

And they shrink everywhere. Our calves, abdominal muscles, upper arms and most noticeably our facial muscles all lose mass.

This means there is less "scaffolding" to support your skin as it naturally dries and loses elasticity with age.

So while you should of course moisturise, in Rosemary's view, the number one thing you can do to look and feel younger is to exercise a minimum of 20 minutes every day.

Not only will this help you maintain your figure, it will keep you healthy and active. Exercise also will protect your mental functioning late into life, helping you psychologically and emotionally.

These benefits combined are all important pillars ultimately for self-esteem and confidence.

You will be able to take emotional setbacks in your stride and to bounce back from illness or injury more rapidly. You will have greater stamina, both mentally and physically.

All these components are key characteristics of "youthfulness."

Get The Figure That'll (Still!) Stop Traffic

Rosemary is fit. She's an exercise guru. Of course she's going to be strong.

But when I mentioned her fabulous legs during our interview, Rosemary laughed.

"You know it's incredible. I hated my legs my whole life until I did Dancing on Ice with ITV.

"It has done wonders for my backside and my legs. I'm a pear shape and always had horrible huge jodhpur legs until I started skating, which has completely transformed them.

"I'm not going to give up figure skating, that's for sure. Never!"

Now you might be saying, "Melissa, it's not my legs I'm worried about. It's the bingo wings or my pillowy tummy."

Good news for you, my friend.

You can solve these problems. But like any life-transforming goal, you've got to know how to do it.

Rosemary's book gives a detailed, personalised exercise programme to help you refine your figure according to your body type: Apple, Pear or Hourglass.

So if you're naturally thick through your waist but possess enviably lean legs and arms, you're an Apple type. And there is an entire chapter with a complete workout for you to help you achieve the figure you want.

If Rosemary can swap an entire lifetime of Pear Body legs for the ones she's got today, then there is hope for every one of us.

Yes, even you.

The Second Secret Is To Make An Effort

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a tiny bit fixated on hair.

Lots of people believe women should give up on their hair once they get older.

I don't.

The reason is because of a small incident that happened to me as a teenager.

One afternoon I was in town. A very smartly dressed elderly lady crossed the street in front of me. She had her heels on, full makeup and a lovely chic hairstyle.

She looked 100% ready to have a fabulous day.

Behind me were two ladies of a similar age sitting at a street cafe table, commented on the lady passing, whom they clearly knew.

"You know, Ellen always looks good. I've never seen her without her hair done and wearing a dress and heels."

There was a strong tone of admiration in those words.

It made me think, "That's how I want to be when I'm her age."

Ever since that day I've always believed that pulling yourself together for the world has a much bigger effect on the people around you than you realise.

On one hand, it may seem high maintenance to make that much effort. But Rosemary believes it's well worth it.

"Makeup and doing our hair is something we so should do as we get older. We're in an era now with a number of older, successful actresses. It's now okay to be in your 60s and 70s and look sexy.

"Someone who does their makeup well, cares for their hair and dresses nicely for their shape will always turn heads.

"This is so important. I've spent my life encouraging other women to make the most of their best features."

But it's not just about camouflage.

"It's good to always try new things. If you an afford to pay for a professional to help you with learning about dressing or makeup, that's helpful. If not, just go to a department store and someone will put makeup on you and you can see what you think.

"Definitely keep playing and experiementing. You never know what you can learn.

"I've had makeup artists around to help for the last 25 years or so and I've learned so much from them. That's really what this book is about, to put my experiences and the things I've learned into print. So people could understand what I did.

"For example, using concealer over your eyelid and eye socket and then putting your eyeshadow on over that. So not just below your eye, because as you get older there are areas of your face, like around your eyes, that change colour and not a very nice colour."

As an example, Rosemary goes bravely barefaced in her book, demonstrating step-by-step the transformation of her colouring from "naked" to beautifully "foundationed" and then on to fully "made up."

Recently, I myself have felt my face "disappearing" as the pigment from the lips fades.

Not long after speaking with Rosemary and reading her book, my daughters were astonished to catch me wearing lipstick, something that would only happen before when I was dressed for a Black Tie event or television interview.

But with my poor eyesight and dreadful lighting in my bathroom, I have this niggling fear that to the world I'll look like a child's drawing, with crayoned eyebrows and a Sharpie-pen eyeliner job.

Rosemary's book to the rescue:

"You'll need a magnifying mirror to use when applying your makeup. These are quite frightening and can make us look 10 years older, though that's not how the world sees us.

"A magnifying mirror does allow us to do a professional job in applying our makeup.

"Buy the best you can afford. The better quality of the mirror, the more accurate the image. Poor quality mirrors can distort our features and make us look pretty grim."

Improve Your Skin

Let's talk about grim, shall we?

One place that definitely shows one's age is our face.

What is Rosemary's secret for her lovely skin?

"I do look after my skin. I’m always disciplined in wearing moisturiser and using anti-wrinkle creams. Since I was twenty I’ve always put cream on my face and worn make up, which I think has really helped. Also, I’ve been told when I was younger that I always had good skin, so there is also probably some genetics at work there.”

Okay, sure. Moisturise. We all know to do that (I hope).

What we really want to know is does she spend half her life in a salon chair, getting fingertip massages over her cheekbones?

She's in the public eye. Surely she's getting the works done every week.

"I don't do any salon treatments. I do use a gadget every day called Facial Flex, which is just revolutionary.

"It has built up the muscles in my lips, which as you know get thinner as we get older. It builds up the area above the lip, so I have fewer downward lines there. It also helps the jawline so you don’t have saggy jowls and it tones the chest and the neck."

And she's not kidding.

Normally you get stylists telling us to wear a little vest top under your v-neck jumpers.

But with Rosemary, there's nary a vest top in sight as she flaunts her beautiful blouses with pretty plunging necklines.

Hmmm. Maybe she DOES know something.

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