Thursday, 30 August 2012

Scrunchies In The News

The Press is all a' twitter about scrunchies recently. Some for good reasons. Some for bad.

Scrunchie Badness

Let's start with the bad, shall we?

Poor Hillary Clinton has got people talking and mocking her hair again. If you remember, last year it was all about hair claws.

Seems she learned her lesson there. Yup. Threw that cheap metallic hair claw in the bin.

Good riddance.

But then towards the end of last year she developed a scrunchie addiction.

The commentary is excruciating to read.

(Go on, click here to read all about it!)

It seems like all the pressure and ridicule from fashion editors, Internet coverage and general public has eventually reached the Secretary of State.

Here she is in South Africa having a bit of a boogie, and having ditched the scrunchie for this public party, she's sporting a MUCH NICER barrette in her ponytail.

You go girl!

Scrunchie Goodness

Now for the good press.

The scrunchie has been spotted all over the arenas during London Olympics 2012.

Athletes are the best role models, aren’t they?

Just check out the incredible Olympian and World Champion Beth Tweedle defying gravity…and her shining red scrunch.

You go girl!

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What do you think: Scrunchie goodness? Or Scrunchie badness ...

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