Saturday, 18 August 2012

Easy Romantic Wrapped Ponytail

All you need is a ponytail elastic and a couple hair grips

Easy Romantic Wrapped Ponytail Style  Image: Pinterest
This week's video tutorial shows a very easy style that works well for work or for going out.

You will need some texture to your hair, at least wavy, and a reasonable length past your shoulders.

This style needs some practice as well. Do not go for this on "the day" you plan to wear your hair in this style as it will probably look a mess.

You need to work out for yourself how thick your side sections should be and how high to start your base ponytail.

These details will be different for everyone.

Indeed, this version I did in the video is definitely not the best execution I've ever done. It can look much, much better than this.

However, once you've worked out the method that's best for you, this is a dead easy style that looks like you spent ages doing your hair.


Hair Accessories Used In This Video

You can use any basic elastic and hair grips, but in this video I used these hair accessories:

Classic French Bobbie Pins
Sport Basic Elastic

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  1. Anonymous8/26/2012

    Melissa, why so silent? I find it so much easier to follow video tutorials when you're talking us through the style as you do it.

    1. Hiya! Thanks for your comment. The reason why we're doing silent movies now is because the office is WAY to busy and noisy these days.

      If you look back at some of the older videos sometimes you can hear Claire tip-tapping away on her computer - even though she promised to be quiet!

      But thanks for the feedback. It is helpful to know these things! :)