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Accessorising For Business Meetings and Nights Out

Corazon Latino Founder Catherine D'Arcy's Top Tips For Combining Jewellery And Hair Accessories

As the owner of a handmade jewellery business, obviously I love jewellery. A lot.

I also have “problematic” hair. 

I have masses of long, fine, straight, chestnut hair. 

If you've got thin hair, short hair or unruly curly hair I know you are now throwing things at your computer and calling me all kinds of names.

You do have a point. To an outsider it looks fantastic.

To me, it looks fantastic for about five minutes after I’ve styled it.

Then all hell breaks loose.

The weight pulls out any curl, style or movement that I have managed to get into it, and 10 minutes after I’ve worked on it, my hair reverts to its usual mass which sticks to my lip gloss, gets in my eyes and generally looks a state.

Still throwing things at your screen?

My only solution for many years was a high ponytail with an elastic. I was nearly about to cut it short, I was so fed up with it.

Then I met Melissa and, all joking aside, she changed my life. 

She took one look at my hair and told me I was lucky to have it. 

And to prove it, she immediately showed me 2 or 3 techniques that allowed me to put my hair up and look sophisticated rather than like an aging extra from Grease.

Joy was back on my head!

To make my new styles work, obviously, I was in need of some snazzy clips, claws, barrettes, sticks and pins which gave me an excuse to indulge another passion - shopping! 

I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous range of Stone Bridge pieces ranging from the stylishly simple hair sticks to some spectacular Swarovski crystal encrusted barrettes.

So now, having finally tamed my hair, I’m faced with a new quandary. How do I combine my lifelong passion for jewellery with my newfound fascination for dressing my up dos with lovely Stone Bridge hair accessories without total accessory overkill?

After months of experimentation, and many mistakes, I have come to the conclusion that the key to successfully combining jewellery and hair accessories can be summed up as “less is more.”

It’s important to pick one signature piece to be the “star” with other pieces performing supporting roles to your outfit. 

Here are some of my tips for a classic business look and a night on the town:

Dressing For Business

For business, I like a simple, subtle up-do, decorated with a nice big claw (like Forte Extra Large Claw or the LargeRectangle Claw) or a pair of Vrille Classic French Hair Sticks.

With the hair looking chic and subtle you can make a real statement with your jewellery. 

For work I tend to stay clear of bracelets and bangles, which tend to jangle about, clack irritatingly on keyboards and generally get in the way.

Necklaces on the other hand are perfect. 

They add a little sparkle and style to a simple neckline and won’t clash with your hair accessories. 

If you prefer something smaller, a petite silver pendant on a fine chain or suede lace is a great alternative.

A Night Out

A night out is the perfect excuse to go a little over the top with the jewellery and accessories, but you still need balance. 

If you go big with one, keep the other subtle. These are my 2 favorite combinations:

Combination 1

Decorate your hair with a spectacular, sparkly piece like the breathtaking Trientale Large Crystal Barette, keeping your face and neckline jewellery free.

Then go for one big, sparkly statement bangle so you have one eye catching piece no matter what direction you’re seen from, without looking like a Christmas tree.

Two great bangles for this are our lovely Fae textured bangle, or the spectacular Borealis gemstone bangle (we even have 2 colours which look lovely with the Estiva Barette).

If you want to “bling” it up a little more, add a matching ring.

Combination 2

If you really want to go big on the jewellery, then reverse things with a matching bracelet, necklace and earring combination and something subtle in your hair. 

My absolutely favourite for this route is a selection from our Liquid silver jewellery range, combined with a simple hair stick.

Go for either one that compliments the colour of your hair or for show-stopping elegance, go with Stone Bridge's exclusive chunky Pur solid silver hair stick which will pick up the silver in your jewellery and create a stunning impression.

If you have any questions or want to share your own secrets for creating that killer look, all the space in comments is yours.

In the meantime, I’m off to fight my compulsion to cover myself in sparkly stuff from head to toe.


Catherine D'Arcy is founder and designer of Corazon Latino, specialising in fine quality hallmarked sterling silver, Baltic amber and rare Keshi freshwater pearl jewellery. She is also a long-time customer and maniacal collector of Stone Bridge hair accessories.

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