Friday, 27 July 2012

Get The Best From Your Grey Hair

Oprah Magazine has some useful tips you won't want to miss

Styling grey hair to
look awesome
Going grey? Tired of dying, but worried about looking washed out and past it?

This great article in Oprah Magazine I stumbled across has not only a lot of useful tips on choosing makeup and clothing to bring out the best in your hair.

They've also published an inspiring gallery of "before and after" shots of women who've embraced their silver.

The main tip, which is what I've often advised, is to get a really great hair cut.

This is so important.

You need people to know you are grey on purpose, and not because you've "given up."

This helps minimise the smart-alec (and un-asked-for) advice on "how to look better."


How To Make Your Grey Hair Look Gorgeous

7 Gorgeous Grey Hair Makeovers

Hair clip colours recommended for grey and silver hair tones

Silver Shell, Mosaic and Black Shell (Harlequin Clamp)

Dark Lapis (Handmade French U Pin)

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Monday, 9 July 2012

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Matching Hair Clips To Your Hair Colour

A Photo Gallery Guide: Brown Hair

Tortoise shell hair clips
Which colour is right for your hair?
We get a lot of calls asking us to show our different classic colours across the range of hair tones.

This is tricky as there are technically over 15 different hair tones, and we carry on average 7 classic colours, but we are going to try.

Here goes ...

Today we're looking at brown hair and comparing a golden brown to a cold, dark brown when deciding which colour hair clips might work best.

Silver Shell Hair Clips

Silver Shell in golden brown hair
Silver Shell in dark brown hair

While the Silver Shell colour does have strong caramel tones running through it, generally speaking we recommend the silver shell for cooler hair colours.

This would include dark brown, but also any colour that is trending towards ash tones.

The more golden your hair tone, the more Silver Shell will contrast with your hair and it won't give you the most beautiful effect. So while it is a beautiful colour, if your hair is warm blonde, red or golden, this isn't the colour we would pick for you first.

Ivory, Pearl And French Vanilla Hair Clips

French Vanilla in golden brown hair
Pearl Mosaic in dark brown hair

Both the French Vanilla and the Pearl Mosaic have cream tones running through it, and we would recommend both these colours for very fair hair with golden highlights.

The Pearl Mosaic has a burnt caramel feature, which makes it more suited to darker hair and would be a better choice than the French Vanilla if you hair leans toward a cold tone, whether cool blonde to cold brown or black.

Tortoise Shell Hair Clips

Mixed Spice in golden brown hair
Dark Tortoiseshell in dark brown hair

Above you can take a look at two colours that we class loosely as "tortoiseshell," the first being a treacle and honey blend of colours we call Mixed Spice (or Epice in French), and our very popular Dark Tortoiseshell shown on the right.

Both these colours work in the full spectrum of brown, and generally speaking you would choose the colour you like best.

Some of our customers don't care for the strong yellow tones of the traditional Dark Tortoiseshell, but this is a very accurate reproduction of natural tortoiseshell, which is of course now illegal.

However, we find this colour mix does work very fluently in most hair colours and looks very elegant.

Caramel Horn And Mahogany Hair Clips

Caramel Horn in golden brown hair
Mahogany in dark brown hair

For a beautiful colour that stands on its own, but still enhances your hair colour, we finally come to two of our very favourite colours for brown hair: Caramel Horn on the left and Mahogany shown on the right.

Caramel horn has all the beauty of a natural looking material, with lovely graduations of a creamy ivory with light and dark caramel, a combination which is stunning in blonde to brown hair with gold highlights. This colour also suits red hair but the ivory gives a strong contrast.

Mahogany has wonderful rich red veins of colour running through a spectrum of mid to dark brown graining. This colour is usually our go-to recommendation for medium to dark brown hair and of course red to auburn tones.

Hair Accessories shown in this article:

Allegro Hair Fork
Carre Cuffed Elastic

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Many thanks to the bloggers at Oh Really and Dimples Diaries for their gracious and generous help with this article.