Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Scarf Headbands Right For Your Hair

Which Is The Best Headband For Your Hair Type?

We're moving into the season when scarf style headbands become very popular.

They keep your hair from blowing around on the beach or when you're poolside, while smarter styles make getting ready for evenings out dead simple.

In this video I review which styles are recommended for thick versus finer hair, to help you make the best choice for you.


How To Choose The Right Scarf Headband For Your Hair

Headbands Shown In This Video

Soft styles:
Paisley Silk Scarf Headband (Sold Out!) See our Anaconda Silk Scarf Headband
Dotty Scarf Headband
Poppies Scarf Headband (Sold Out!) See our Slim Silk Scarf Headband

Structured styles:
Linen Scarf Headband
Cherry Blossom Headband
Raw Silk Scarf Headband
Silk Twill Scarf Headband
Pacific Gala Headband

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  1. I like headbands but wear glasses. Are they just not an option, or is there a way to pull off the glasses and headband look?

  2. Hi Donna,

    This is such a great question. There are indeed some headbands that we find work well with glasses. Skinny styles in thin materials tend to be a good bet, or bandeau styles. Here are two we particularly recommend when you have this problem:


    Do email Claire at hello@stone-bridge.co.uk for more recommendations, along with a description of your hair and she'll give you some more ideas that should work well for you.