Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hair Sticks Perfect For Summer Styles

Special Preview: Get all 10 Sticks for Only £25

Hair Sticks!

We just received a shipment of brand new French hair sticks, literally in a rainbow of bright pearly colours that I think you'll love.

I've been playing all morning, mixing and matching colours ... so basically having a fun few hours!

We're doing a special preview for you today, where you can get all 10 of these guys (8 bright colours plus Black and Tortoiseshell) for just £25.

(Or, if you just want one or a few, you can order those too at 1 for £4.00 or 3 for £9.00)

Click here to go straight to our "Out Of The Box Preview" Event!

Never Used A Hair Stick Before?

If you've not used a hair stick before and you're not sure what to do, no problem.

Hair sticks are brilliant for fast, good-looking updos. Once you learn the right technique for your hair, I promise you, you will become a complete addict and want to wear your hair this way all the time.

Click for this little "how to" video I made for you ...


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  1. I think you're brilliant Melissa. Top tutorials and a great stylist.

  2. Thanks Joni! And look how fabulous your hair is. I want to look like you! :)

  3. Funny that, as I was thinking I want to look like you and have your expertise with hair :-)

    1. LOL... Well, let that be a lesson to both of us!