Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Authentic is Cool

Why Buy Hair Clips That Are "Made In France"?

Authentic is cool.
Ma Lingjuan, Olympic Gold Medalist and Kung Fu Master
I ordered some new shoes off the interweb last week and ... oooooohhhh ... goody ... they arrived!

These are no ordinary shoes.

These are Shaolin Temple Monk shoes, you know, of the kung fu masters variety.

That right. I can now do kung fu like a Shaolin monk, make no mistake.

Because I've got the shoes from actual China.

Who needs 14 years rigorous training?

Why Children Get On Your Nerves

With great excitement, I modelled my amazing new footwear to the children that evening, repeating that these were the real McCoy, "from actual China."

Middle daughter, with an ironic sideways twist to her mouth, says "I think you'll find a lot of things are made in actual China."

First daughter chimes in with irritating enthusiasm, "Yeah, I've got this television from actual China. You could watch TV like a real Shaolin monk too."

I pay them no mind.

I am still extremely pleased with my new monk shoes.

Authentic is Cool

At Stone Bridge, as you know, we specialise in French tortoiseshell hair accessories. They really are from France, crafted using traditional skills that go back to the 1800s.

Each handmade piece goes through a 10-day finishing process to give you a rich, luxurious shine.

This is expensive to do and not many people have this training.

Even today, the best fashion houses still source this sort of work from a very small number of French factories.

We also sell hair accessories from other countries, including China. We carry them because I feel they will serve a good purpose in your life.

For example, you might want a little sparkly hair clip for that hot date with your husband when he whisks you off to Prague for the weekend.

Or, you may need a great basic clip to keep your hair back while you mercilessly crush your best friend at tennis.

And then there's always that invitation from Buckingham Palace that crops up occasionally. For this event you might not want something from the High Street, but rather you'd prefer a beautifully made designer headband, created exclusively for us by one of our milliners who are on the speed dial of Hollywood stylists.

While you might in fact need more than the right shoes to be as astonishing at Wushu style kung fu as Ma Lingjuan, you don't need to be an Olympic Gold Medallist to have great looking hair.

Having a great hair cut and a truly beautiful hair clip is all you need. I guarantee it.

Visit Stone Bridge to see our collection of hair clips from actual France.

Ma Lingjuan, Busting A Move

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