Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Are You Fighting Frizzy Hair? This Video Might Shock You

One Surprising Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

I had a leeetle bit of time this weekend before meeting my friends for lunch, so I thought I'd experiment with my hair.

My children were frightened.

The youngest was quiet for a minute and said, "Are you able to put it back the way it was?"

Bless her.

So don't watch this video if you are of a delicate nature.

Enjoy ... so to speak, *ahum*.

One Reason You Might Have Frizzy Hair

Visit Stone Bridge for some lovely hair clips.


  1. Anonymous2/21/2012

    Yes - it looks awful - like farrah faucet on a bad hair day.
    But - your hair has good curls - mine just has assymetric bananas.
    Leaving the house I complained that I looked like a walking bush - nice husband said" Oh no dear - you look very nice - more like a shrub.........." Hmmmm.

  2. Anonymous2/23/2012

    Hi Melissa
    Enjoyed the video .It would be good if you could show us how you usually dry your hair so that it becomes curly?
    Thanks Julie

    1. Dear Julie,

      *riffle ... riffle* I've got a blogpost around here somewhere ... ah-ha! Here it is:


      And here's another one along the same lines:


      Hope this helps!