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A Disappointing Headband

A Call From A Disappointed Customer Who Wanted To *Keep* Her Stone Bridge Headband

Classic Tortoiseshell Headbands
I had a phone call from a new customer who received one of our Super Comfy Skinny Headbands this week.

She wanted to tell me about how it actually didn't work for her.

First, this is great stuff. We love, of course, hearing about how successful our products are for you.

We also really value hearing about "when hair clips go bad."

This helps us make better recommendations for all the rest of our customers, so we truly like to know how you and your Stone Bridge hair accessories are getting along, if indeed you are getting along.

The Disappointing Headband

This customer has a graduated bob style hair cut. This means it is layered and short behind her neck and longer towards her chin. She also has fine hair.

When she first came to us, she explained that she loves headbands but they always hurt behind her ears.

Ouch! I hate that feeling. Don't you?

Melissa Recommends ...

I explained for our fine haired customers, generally we recommend the try the Super Comfy Skinny Headband. The material is very flexible and it will gradually conform to the shape of your head as it warms up from your own body heat.

This quality is no good at all for you if you have thick hair because your headband will lose the oomph it needs to work at holding the weight of your hair back from your face. The headband will become too loose on your head and slip forward.

So annoying!

However, if you have fine hair, as you already know your hair has very little weight to push out against the band. So in general we find this design suits fine hair very well.

But, you will recall my customer commented that all other headbands hurt those bones behind her ears.

While our headbands are very soft, or our metal headbands can be easily reshaped for comfort, some people are very sensitive in this spot and the sad truth is if you have this problem you will struggle to find a traditional headband that will work for you without hurting.

The Headband Test

My lady did decide to try the Super Comfy Skinny Headband and I assured her that if it didn't work out, she could of course return it for a full refund. No problem.

Today she rang and shared the sad news that even our headband caused her pain.


Send it back, I told her.

But no, she wanted to persevere with it. How long would she need to wear it, she asked, before it reshaped itself? Perhaps that would solve the problem?

Well, I'm a big believer in hard work and perseverance, but physical pain is kind of my limit.

I don't think people should suffer for a headband.

(Shoes, on the other hand, that's another scenario entirely ...)

Get The Dern Headband To Fit

So I shared with her how we reshape headbands here at Stone Bridge if and when we need to.

Cellulose, the material which is used to make our French handmade hair accessories, is easily softened by heat.

So you can reshape pretty much any of our products by warming them slightly, like near - never directly on - a radiator. You want to put the piece in the desired shape, so for flexing headbands out you can use a rolled up towel or sofa cushion.

To tighten a headband back up, lay it flat on a soft surface with a ribbon tied round to just gently pull in the sides.

For flattening a French pleat comb or U pin which may have gotten twisted in the hair, we use a heavy magazine, such as the September edition of Vogue.

Check your headband, or whatever you're reshaping, twice a day.

Again, don't put your hair clips and accessories directly on a heat source as you can melt them. We know from sad experience!

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