Monday, 19 December 2011

Business, Politics, Sex and Science: 5 Fresh Ideas For Your Hair

I thought you might be cruising towards a few days of leisure time ... maybe.

So if you've got some time to chill out in your jimmy jams and surf the internet, here are 5 articles to get your creative juices flowing in the hair department.

Shoot, you may decide to toss your iPad aside and go experiment with some new styles. It's a great time of year for it.

Happy reading!

Corporette has a really great blog for you overachieving type businesswomen, giving fashion tips and career/lifestyle advice that is *actually* useful. In this post she opens a discussion about stylish professional women who have inspired you in your life.

Total Beauty posted this slide show of celebrities working the red carpet with hair accessories in a way that is acheivable and simple. Great ideas here for your New Year's Eve out (or in, heck!)

The Beauty Brains has been a long-time favourite online read for me. Want to know the real scoop on pretty much any beauty product? Check here first for a no-BS look at all things cosmetic. In this post she answers the question "Why is soap bad for hair?"

Sexy hair secrets. Find out what men really love about women's hair, from The Daily Mail Online.

Hillary Clinton And The Claw. The most controversial post of 2011 from the Stone Bridge blog. And my follow-up with How To Do The Hillary Style ... The *Right* Way.

Visit Stone Bridge for some pretty nifty-looking hair clips

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