Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Love Must Be Hair Clip Shaped

When Men Start Shopping At Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

Over the years we've had the privilege of meeting sons, nephews, husbands and fathers of many of our customers.

Where you do you hide these nice guys all year?

The nicest thing about these conversations is we are always struck by how much you are loved and admired by your favourite man. How do we know this?

  1. They *always* say they don't have a budget
  2. They know a heck of a lot about your hair
  3. They tell us your hair is gorgeous
  4. They will go to incredible, heroic lengths to get your gift.

We've had fiances drive through blizzards to pick up hampers of amazing hair accessories.

We've had husbands on the phone, children on their lap dictating adorable gift card messages.

We've had men in the armed forces ringing from all over the world, making sure we can get a lovely box of hair clips sent home to their wife in time for Christmas.

And of course we've had long, detailed conversations about your hair and how they like you best.

If you're cynical about Christmas, man, you need to get yourself into the hair clip business.

This is a very romantic time of year!

Have you got a lovely gift-giving man in your life? Does he know you like hair clips?

Point him towards Stone Bridge.

A Happy Christmas Guaranteed in every parcel!

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