Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hair Clips And Men

Nope, There Isn't Much Of A Connection There

"You Need A Hair Clip, Lady."
The more I find out about men, the stranger I think they are.

The children, Beloved Husband and myself struggled through Peter Jackson's remake of King Kong last week.

It took a couple days.

It was hard for me to stay interested because there were literally NO hair clips in this film.

The theme was basically that Beauty can tame and captivate the Beast, so there was a lot of dewey-eyed posing going on with the heroine while slack-jawed men (and gorillas) found themselves overwhelmed and distracted by her charms.

So I asked Husband, "Is that how men see romantic relationships? The right woman wafts before your eyes and suddenly you are distracted from the grubby hurly burly of fighting dinosaurs?"

Husband replied, "No. I think that is women's view of romantic relationships. Men just go along with it and we just say you look beautiful because you seem to like it.

"Mostly we see boobs and then a sign saying either Available or Not Available."

My colleague Claire had a similar discussion with her partner, Jonathan.

He describes dating women as being like grocery shopping.

"You go in and there is so much choice, so many women. You have to look at the packaging, read the labels, decide how much work is going to be involved. I mean, do you want to do a roast dinner from scratch (which would be lovely) or will this ready-meal do the job just as well with less fuss?"

Jonathan adds, "Also some women you look at and think those are going to be past their sell-by date pretty soon."

Husband liked this analogy, but he commented that the trouble with dating from the male perspective is once you make your choice you find the women get huffy and demand to be taken out of the basket.

Aren't men weird?

I tell this story because I had a meeting with a man last week and we were talking about business stuff.

I told him that at Stone Bridge we view our job as matching the right hair clip to the customer's hair. We're totally service-oriented because we want your experience with our hair accessories to be a long and happy one.

"Do you understand what I mean?" I asked him.

"Not at all," came the reply.

His view was you lay the goods out, the customer takes a look, chooses the one she likes best and decides whether or not she wants to own it.

"The Stone Bridge approach is not commercial. You'll never make any money," he pronounced.

Hmm. Sounds like grocery shopping ... or dating from the male point of view, doesn't it?

Visit Stone Bridge Hair Accessories UK for hair clips I know will work for your hair. Long and happy relationship guaranteed.

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