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Hair Clips: The Best Way To Cheer Yourself Up ...

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"The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up." -- Mark Twain

A few years back I met a woman who was devastated after her husband left her for another woman.

She was still young, gorgeous with a good career. But with the sudden collapse of her marriage, she felt worthless and unattractive.

Fortunately, she had a very wise pastor who told her the best way to see out of your own problems is to help others out of theirs.

She embarked on an enthusiastic programme of voluntary work, which helped her put her troubles into perspective, gave her self-esteem a huge boost, and was also of enormous help to the community.

Small Actions Spread Happiness Too

This is a dramatic example of Mark Twain's advice about your own happiness.

But small efforts work well too.

I was reminded of this when I got an email yesterday from one of our very nice customers, Ruth from Glasgow. She wrote:

Hi Melissa,  re your small business and your  lovely request for your customers to spread the word. Can I suggest an alternative strategy?
I first bought one of these clips with  Christmas gift vouchers. I would not have believed the difference in cost to the others was in proportion to the difference in quality until I owned one.
Sometimes you just want something new and different and I think it would be a good idea if the clips that a person had moved on from were given to someone else because a practical test is always more convincing than a testimony.
Best of luck, Ruth

Now, Stone Bridge is a small business and our success over the past few years (during one of the worst recessions in 100 years, remember) has been entirely down to customers like you being so pleased with their hair clips that they've spread the good word about us.

But I love Ruth's idea.

She's probably a marketing guru or something up there in Scotland, because this is a beautifully simple, genius idea.

Basically, you could let your friends try out your Stone Bridge hair clips.

Think about this.

1. Your Stone Bridge hair clips give you happiness.
2. Your friend doesn't know how happy a hair clip could make her. Tragic.
3. By passing on your hair clip to your friend, you are both a little happier.

Mull this over a little.

Hey, and if you want to start a Stone Bridge swap site on the internet, I'm totally okay with that.

Recycling is a good thing!

Oh, and if you have got some creative ideas that might help us spread the good word about Stone Bridge, don't hold back. Some of the best business ideas have come from our customers.

Email me! I'm all ears. And eyes ... or something ...

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