Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Headbands Perfect For Hair With Layers

Day 4 Of Claire's Favourite Hair Accessories For Layered Long Hair

Welcome back! Once you've got layers cut into your hair, you can find some types of headbands get completely hidden with your hair falling forward, while other styles simply look odd.

Claire has done her homework for you and gone through all our headbands to work out which ones are most suitable and how to use them in a layered hair style.


Headbands For Long Layered Hair Styles

Hair Bands Shown In This Video

France Luxe Triple Wide hair band(Sold Out!) See our Classic Double Headband
Ficcare Metal Mesh bandeau hair band
Super Comfy Skinny headband (NOT recommended for your hair)
Silk Double bandeau haïr band(Sold Out!) Silk Wrapped Zig Zag Headband

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