Monday, 27 June 2011

Hair Clips In Harrogate, Or How To Grow Out A Fringe?

New Styling Tricks For Your Fringe

I returned Sunday afternoon, lugging my case full of hair accessories back from a personal hair consultation with a customer with a new trick for you, if you have decided to grow out your fringe.

All you need is your favourite small hair slide or side barrette.

The Client
The client has hair past her shoulders, fine but a lot of it, with long layers cut into it. She was frustrated with her hair and usually pulled all her hair back into a high-ish ponytail.

As a mother of two small children, she needed a fast and easy style that kept her hair out of the way without fuss. But she wanted to look nice and groomed, and if possible stay that way all day.

The Challenges
Even though she had fine hair, the volume of it meant that it was quite heavy.

This restricted her choice of hair accessories. The design couldn't be too open, because her hair had a definite slippery texture and the weight of her hair would just pull her hair out of most clips.

Her personal style is very clean and classic, so as Claire highlighted in her recent series about styling layered hair, you have the difficulty of your layers falling out of most updos.

This can look charming, if you have a more casual or sporty style. If you don't, then it can just look scruffy.

My client was in the process of growing out her fringe (which, with her square face shape, was the right decision, in my view), but it seemed to only be "put in its place" with a scraped back style, which didn't flatter her angular face.

The Solution
I had brought along one of our brand new small French hair slides, the Slim Oval, which is a pretty slender oval shape.

We did a very gentle quiff, with the Slim Oval holding the very front of her fringe all the way back towards the back edge of her crown.

This could be made more secure with a very light misting of hairspray, to make sure the style holds all day.

Another alternative which would give a more secure hold, is our new Classic French small comb.

Unfortunately I didn't have any of these with me on the day, but we have other customers with fine hair who do prefer their combs for quiffs and half-back sorts of styles.

We then made a French pleat with the rest of her hair, using either the Silk Wrapped Cutout claw or the French Pleat medium comb, leaving the ends of her hair fanning out at the top.

This mostly covered the Brise small slide so it couldn't be seen. But if her ends ever fell to the side as she went about her day, then she had a pretty little hair slide showing, which was completely inoffensive.

The Verdict
The client announced she felt like Audrey Hepburn! I think that counts as a good result.

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  1. When I put my hair up in a high ponytail, after a while it feels like all of my hair is hanging from just a few strands of hair, and it hurts because my hair is long and heavy. Is that what you mean by "the weight of her hair would just pull her hair out of most clips"?
    And if so, what kind of clip should I use? (Or hair elastics, I like them better)

  2. Hi Mimi!

    Thanks for your question. There are a couple ways to solve the problem you are having, and I would recommend using a clip. For a high ponytail that will take that pressure off the hair at your crown (which might be getting pulled out in your current style), check out this post: