Monday, 30 May 2011

Hair Sticks, Forks & Combs With Layered Long Hair

Day 2 of Claire's Top Tips For Styling Layered Long Hair

Wondering if hair sticks, forks or French pleat combs will be able to hold all your layers up neatly? Claire's second video in her series just for layered long hair styles has the answers you're looking for.


Hair Sticks, Forks And Combs For Long Layered Hair Styles

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Allego French hair fork (NOT recommended for your hair type)
Bright French hair stick
Ficcare Metro hair stick

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Be sure to check out Claire's first video too, all about hair slides and barrettes for layered long hair, if you missed it!


  1. Anonymous5/30/2011

    It's just the opposite here :). I've got very layered hair that just met APL length and can't wait until my lagers are gown out. My new Allego fork works very well for me in a French twist (ends tucked), and French twists in general did since I met shoulder length. The only hairtoy that doesn't stay in my French twist and doesn't provide secure hold is the French Pleat medium comb :). It's too slippery. A French pleat isn't for me, because my ends are too thin to create a nice look. No hard feelings :)!

  2. You are so lovely, Claire, and I love your style. :)

    These videos are very helpful, even for long-haired women without layers - because they show us various accessories in action.
    I really like the Allegro fork; though I'm not sure it would work in my very long (and not layered) hair... It is so pretty though.

    Thank you for your videos!

  3. Thank you for your comment, Anonymous...

    I'm glad you're enjoying your new Allegro fork, isn't it lovely? I totally know what you mean about slippery hair, mine can be pesky like that too...

    Before the hair cut, I found that my French Pleat comb worked much better for my slippery locks when damp/wet, straight out of the shower, or just in day 2 or 3 messy hair. I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks for commenting Isabelle, and for the compliment! :-)

    Before I had my hair cut, the Allegro Fork was one of my favourites, so you might get on well with it. My hair was waist-length, and I could use it comfortably in both a French Pleat, and various bun-styles.

    I'd say, have a go! :-)