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Playing With Our Hair, So You Don't Have To

Hair Clip, Hair Styling and Hair Growing Experimentation: This Is Our Day

Hair clips are my life. Have I mentioned this before?
Hair accessories are my life. Have I mentioned this to you before?

Last week (and still this week!) Claire and I have been producing dozens (approaching hundreds!) of personalised videos for our customers, picking out exactly just the right hair clips and headbands that we honestly think will work for that individual woman.

This has been A LOT of fun, I tell you what.

What Else We've Been Doing

However, since the New Year, Claire and I have also been quietly working on another area, which I've not been talking about.

That's because it takes a while.

We've been growing our hair.

The Curious Project Of Growing One's Hair

Claire's hair grows extraordinarily quickly. She has seen growth of up to an inch in a month.

Okay, Claire is not normal (let me count the ways, LOL). But it does mean she can experiment quite a bit with her hair, and if it all goes wrong she knows she can grow out her mistakes in just a few weeks.

Claire's goal back in January was to grow her hair to "Classic" length, which is just below her waist.

My goal has been to get to bra-strap length. As my hair is curly, I've already reached this length when my hair is wet. I reckon I've another 3-6 months to go to get to my goal with dry hair.

As my hair is quite grey, my big concern has been that I just end up looking like an old hippie. This would be fine if I had a hippie personal style. But I don't. I look a mess if I attempt to be too much of a free spirit.

Fortunately, my personal and work environment allow me the freedom to take on goofy experiments like this without causing too much fear and loathing in the people around me.

Why Do We Want To Grow Our Hair?

Basically, Claire and I decided to go long because we wanted to experience what it is like to live with, care for and style very long hair.

It's been an interesting journey.

Here's a little recap of our mood swings:

  • The length starts interfering with how we normally put our hair up... Annoyed.
  • We learn how to adapt our favourite styles to the new length... Pleased.
  • We get used to how the new length feels when worn down... Feeling glamorous!
  • Claire's finds her hair trapped under her sleeping partner in the middle of the night.. Confused.
  • My hair gets caught up under my arm and in the straps of my handbag... Grrrr.
  • Our hair takes FOREVER to dry... Bored.
  • We learn how to wear our hair when outside and active, or working out... Relieved.
  • Our customers with long hair ask for new ideas and we have the length to play... Amused!

Where Will We Go From Here?

Claire doesn't know if she will live with her new length, cut layers into it, or cut it all right back again. Her verdict at the moment is she likes long hair. "You can do more with it!" she says.

Me? I'm liking my new length a lot, but I miss being able to style my twist with my ends fanning nicely out. I'm having to tuck my ends in a lot, which crushes and pulls out my curl so I can't enjoy being a curly girl as much.

Time will tell, but I suspect at the end of the summer, I'll be chopping my hair back to get more spring back in my curls.

But regardless, the good news is that we know what works (and what really DOES NOT) for very long hair.

So, it's all good!

Hair Accessories For Long Hair

Topaz Garland Crystal large barrette.
An extra long clasp makes this excellent for holding a French pleat, and it's wonderful for a formal high ponytail style.

Classic Long barrette.
Another extra long clasp in useful, classic colours for every day.

Classic and Coast Extra Large barrettes.
A specially designed clasp with the Umph required to hold lots and lots of hair.

Rectangle French Large Claw
A handmade design with a generous size. Comfortable and does the job. Guaranteed.

Forte Extra Large Clamp
Our handmade large hair clamp. Very popular, in  a range of colours to flatter your hair.

Ficcare Rock Star Chignon hair fork.
A beautiful metal fork strong enough for any amount of hair. Melissa's particular favourite.

Ficcare Metro hair stick.
Use two for a super secure hold. Elegant and unfussy in the hair

French Handmade U pin.
A centuries old classic. Get the technique for these guys down, and you'll never want to wear anything else.

Ficcare Maximas hair clip.
A worldwide cult following behind this amazing hair clip. If you've not tried one yet, take advantage of our 28 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and order one to have a go. You will be so glad you did.

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  1. On hair forums, classic length is considered to be just below the bum - below the waist is usually said to be hip length :)

    I look forward to seeing your new videos! Have fun growing your hair long :)