Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Our Tricky New French Chignon hair fork ...

Rubbish for French Pleats, but V. Pretty In A Bun

We just got in some new French combs and forks that look amazing. You can take a peek at some of our new hair accessories here.

However, the L'Age D'Or forks are shaped in such a way that they aren't so good for the French pleat, but brilliant for a chignon.

I made a video for you a very basic bun to help you can see if this fork might work for you.


How To Use a Hair Fork In a Simple Chignon Or Bun Hair Style

Hair Accessories Shown in This Video

L'Age D'Or French hair fork


Pssst! Can I ask a huge favour?

Do you think Stone Bridge has done a good job helping you with your hair? If so, I really could use your help.

Stone Bridge just this very morning has been added to ReviewCentre.com and we need people like you to add reviews.

Please be completely honest about our strengths and weaknesses (I don't know why I'm asking that because we're so lucky to have such great, honest people as customers already!)

The review form is really short. Click here to give us your opinion ...

Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

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