Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hillary Clinton And The Hair Claw

High Ranking Crimes Against Hair

I know I have been pushing the half-back style very recently, but I wanted you to see how it can go badly wrong.

Hillary Clinton at UN event in September 2010
The Huffington Post published these shots of Hillary Clinton last year at a United Nations function creating a sort of quiffy look with a hair claw that is:

a) cheap and nasty
b) too big for the style she's created

I encourage you to take the time to scroll through the entire slide show, as they give you a good view of her style from several angles.

From the front, the basic shape she's created works fine for her face shape.

However, her profile looks terrible. The amount of hair she's pulled up creates a "clump" at the back of her head that just sits there.

Ficcare Luminous Silver Rectangle hair slide 
This is why I suggest barrettes for the half-back, choosing a clasp of greater length according to how much hair you are pulling back for your style.

Using a barrette instead of a hair claw helps spread the hair more smoothly across the back of your head, creating a much more attractive profile.

Unless you have mountains of hair, for your half-back avoid using large clasps with a high arch. This will stand proud of your head and might show the clasp, which doesn't look nice.

If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of this style, I made a detailed video tutorial about the half-back (or half-up) hair style earlier this month.

And now that I'm inspired by Hillary, I shall work up a video for you about using hair claws in this style. It's possible, but, as you can see, you need to know the facts.

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  1. I must be an old fogey, but I don't like the hair claw look *at all* in public. For me, they are strictly for the bathroom or around the house.

    Hillary's look is beyond wretched! I'm not a fan of hers, but even I thought she would know better than to go out looking like that. Ugh!
    I wasn't a fan of Condalezza Rice, either, but at least she never was an fashion embarrassment.

  2. Hi T,

    Thanks for your comment. Definitely the look created by Hillary here is one of "I'm about to wash my face." I think the main problem is that she clearly did not check how she looked from the sides and back before heading out to this event.

    The lesson? Invest in a hand-held mirror and ALWAYS look at yourself from all angles before deciding your hair is done. Especially if there's a risk of a camera being around!

  3. Anonymous3/21/2011

    Poor Hilary - no one on her staff will dare to say 'are you sure you want to wear it like that?' Powerful women need someone to tell them when something is amiss with their look!
    Also, I am from South Texas and we wear our claws out alot, becuase it is super hot alot!

    Thanks for a great blog and store and everything!


  4. Hello Allison!

    Thanks for your comments. I don't think there's necessarily a problem with claws (or elastics or any other type of accessory) - it's whether you are using them to good effect and are also getting the hold you like that feels comfortable.

    I've just posted a hair claw tutorial for the half back style, which you can read here: