Saturday, 26 March 2011

Got Fine Hair, "But A Lot Of It?" Read Melissa's Recommended Series Just For You

Hair Accessories Perfectly Designed For Your Hair

In January I made a promise to make more videos and tutorials helping you to choose hair accessories that I believe will be pretty much guaranteed to work in your hair, whatever your hair type.

The first week was devoted to hair clips for thick hair.

The second series was all about hair accessories if you have fine hair.

I was quite tired after all that recommending, but a few of our lovely customers got in touch (you can email us any time you like at - we absolutely adore hearing from you!) and asked if I could please please please make a series for hair that is "Fine But A Lot Of It"

Which last month, I did.

If you missed it, no worries. Here is a round up of all my top picks just for you.

In this series, I don't just hold up a hair clip and go "this is so great you should buy it"


I go through in detail why a particular clip is going to be successful in your hair. I show you in my videos what you should be looking for when deciding whether or not to buy any clip, not just a Stone Bridge hair clip.

This is important information you'll be able to use your whole life.

And the whole series is available through these links right here:

Choosing Hair Accessories For Hair That Is Fine But A Lot Of It

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