Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Get Your Hair Bang Up To Date with How To Do a Half Back Hair Style

Several Variations on This Classic Hair Style Using a Barrette

I finally got this video together for you coving several different versions of the half back style which is so fashionable at the moment.

While I have been seeing this look done with small hair claws, when you consider the profile that barrettes have seen on the catwalks in America recently, I recommend creating this style with barrettes or hair slides.

It's more grown up and you can spread your hair out more smoothly which gives you more control over your hair.


Barrettes and Hair Slides Used In This Video

Ficcare Crystal Garden Swarovski hair slide
Portofino Swarovski Crystal barrette
Opal Paisley Crystal large barrette

Browse all Stone Bridge hair slides and barrettes

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