Saturday, 26 March 2011

Got Fine Hair, "But A Lot Of It?" Read Melissa's Recommended Series Just For You

Hair Accessories Perfectly Designed For Your Hair

In January I made a promise to make more videos and tutorials helping you to choose hair accessories that I believe will be pretty much guaranteed to work in your hair, whatever your hair type.

The first week was devoted to hair clips for thick hair.

The second series was all about hair accessories if you have fine hair.

I was quite tired after all that recommending, but a few of our lovely customers got in touch (you can email us any time you like at - we absolutely adore hearing from you!) and asked if I could please please please make a series for hair that is "Fine But A Lot Of It"

Which last month, I did.

If you missed it, no worries. Here is a round up of all my top picks just for you.

In this series, I don't just hold up a hair clip and go "this is so great you should buy it"


I go through in detail why a particular clip is going to be successful in your hair. I show you in my videos what you should be looking for when deciding whether or not to buy any clip, not just a Stone Bridge hair clip.

This is important information you'll be able to use your whole life.

And the whole series is available through these links right here:

Choosing Hair Accessories For Hair That Is Fine But A Lot Of It

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Curly Hair Styling Tip: Improve Definition With Wet Styling

Melissa's Simple Daily Wet Styling Routine For Curly Hair

I've received a number of questions recently about how to stop curly hair from frizzing and losing definition.

Improving the definition of your curls, particularly if you have long hair, is easy. However, there is no single magic curl cream that will work for everyone.

I made a video showing you my daily routine, where I just use conditioner.


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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hillary Clinton And The Hair Claw

High Ranking Crimes Against Hair

I know I have been pushing the half-back style very recently, but I wanted you to see how it can go badly wrong.

Hillary Clinton at UN event in September 2010
The Huffington Post published these shots of Hillary Clinton last year at a United Nations function creating a sort of quiffy look with a hair claw that is:

a) cheap and nasty
b) too big for the style she's created

I encourage you to take the time to scroll through the entire slide show, as they give you a good view of her style from several angles.

From the front, the basic shape she's created works fine for her face shape.

However, her profile looks terrible. The amount of hair she's pulled up creates a "clump" at the back of her head that just sits there.

Ficcare Luminous Silver Rectangle hair slide 
This is why I suggest barrettes for the half-back, choosing a clasp of greater length according to how much hair you are pulling back for your style.

Using a barrette instead of a hair claw helps spread the hair more smoothly across the back of your head, creating a much more attractive profile.

Unless you have mountains of hair, for your half-back avoid using large clasps with a high arch. This will stand proud of your head and might show the clasp, which doesn't look nice.

If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of this style, I made a detailed video tutorial about the half-back (or half-up) hair style earlier this month.

And now that I'm inspired by Hillary, I shall work up a video for you about using hair claws in this style. It's possible, but, as you can see, you need to know the facts.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Why Don't You Have More Pictures With Hair Clips In Hair?"

Why We Hesitate To Use Models To Show Off Our Hair Accessories

Oval Small hair slide in Tortoiseshell
The leading question, suggestion or recommendation we get on how we could do things better at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories is to "have more pictures with hair clips in hair."

This is great feedback, don't get me wrong. And I LOVE to hear your ideas and suggestions because my brain is not actually very creative and I can use all the input I can get. (Plus I just like hearing from you - it cheers me up.)

However, using models is a little problematic and I'm not 100% sure that a picture is going to help you make a good decision about which hair clips would be best specifically for YOUR hair.

Here's why:

1. Odds are, whatever model we use, her hair is not going to be the slightest bit like yours.

We've used six models (not counting me in my hair styling videos, and very rarely Claire when she stands still long enough for us to be able to focus the camera) over the years for pictures used on the blog or website.

The first had straight, medium weight hair. The next three had insanely thick, long hair. The fourth had hair that was so fine the light would shine back through her hairstyle. Our latest model, the beautiful Graciela (and her gorgeous son who's on our home page at the moment) has really, really thick hair with a loose curl.

We don't choose the models primarily for their hair - though that is important. We look first at their headshape, to ensure that we will be able to create a range of styles that will photograph effectively. Then, we match the hair accessories to the "shape" of the model.

Often, the clip chosen may not be at all appropriate for the reality of the model's actual hair.

2. Even if the models have hair like yours, we've styled the hair to make the clip look good.

For example, with Francesca (the super-fine haired model) every style was a masterpiece construction, thanks to the amazing work of our stylist on that shoot. What you see in the picture is not a style any sane person should be seen in public with. The architecture that goes on out of view of the camera is not pretty. 

We've added hair, we've taken hair away. We've folded hair over and back on itself to basically create a background for the hair clip or headband being shown.

At the end of the day, the picture's job is to make the clip look good. It might mislead you into thinking that it will work for your hair too, and we would hate for you to be disappointed.

This is why we really encourage you to get in touch with us if you aren't sure if a design is right for your hair or not. We talk to literally thousands of women about their hair and which of our clips work - and DON'T work - in their hair. So we really can guide you to the right clip for your hair and how you like to wear it.

Want some hair clip recommendations specific to your hair type? Click here for our short survey and tell us about your hair!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Our Tricky New French Chignon hair fork ...

Rubbish for French Pleats, but V. Pretty In A Bun

We just got in some new French combs and forks that look amazing. You can take a peek at some of our new hair accessories here.

However, the L'Age D'Or forks are shaped in such a way that they aren't so good for the French pleat, but brilliant for a chignon.

I made a video for you a very basic bun to help you can see if this fork might work for you.


How To Use a Hair Fork In a Simple Chignon Or Bun Hair Style

Hair Accessories Shown in This Video

L'Age D'Or French hair fork


Pssst! Can I ask a huge favour?

Do you think Stone Bridge has done a good job helping you with your hair? If so, I really could use your help.

Stone Bridge just this very morning has been added to and we need people like you to add reviews.

Please be completely honest about our strengths and weaknesses (I don't know why I'm asking that because we're so lucky to have such great, honest people as customers already!)

The review form is really short. Click here to give us your opinion ...

Thanks so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Get Your Hair Bang Up To Date with How To Do a Half Back Hair Style

Several Variations on This Classic Hair Style Using a Barrette

I finally got this video together for you coving several different versions of the half back style which is so fashionable at the moment.

While I have been seeing this look done with small hair claws, when you consider the profile that barrettes have seen on the catwalks in America recently, I recommend creating this style with barrettes or hair slides.

It's more grown up and you can spread your hair out more smoothly which gives you more control over your hair.


Barrettes and Hair Slides Used In This Video

Ficcare Crystal Garden Swarovski hair slide
Portofino Swarovski Crystal barrette
Opal Paisley Crystal large barrette

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