Friday, 21 January 2011

Ponytail Elastics for Fine Hair

Day 3 Of Our Video Series about Hair Accessories for Fine Hair

We've redone this original 2011 video series, but it was so popular we saved the old ones for you as they still have good advice for your hair you can start using today if you want.

Scroll down to take a look, but first have a look at our current video just about the problem of finding elastics suitable for fine, delicate hair.

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

Vivant Chenille Elastics
Baroque Cuffed Elastic
Carre French Cuffed Elastic (for Medium to Thick hair, NOT Fine Hair)
Arpege Cuffed Elastic
(See also Splendide French Cuffed Elastic for hair that is fine to medium weight)

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About Ponytail Elastics for Fine Hair

Hair Elastics and Scrunchies Shown in this Video

Basic elastic
Knotted elastics
Houndstooth Cuffed elastic
Cote Cuffed elastic
Arpege Cuffed elastic
Satin Crinkle scrunchie

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Tomorrow's video ... Combs and hair forks for fine hair

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