Saturday, 22 January 2011

Great Side Hair Clips and Slides for Fine Hair

Choosing Small Side Hair Clips to Hold Your Layers or Fringe

The bonus article I've made for you is about using smaller hair slides to hold your layers or your fringe in place.

You can click on any of these pictures to enlarge them for a better look at the hair clips.

Many of our customers with fine hair say they love our small French hair slides. Here I've used our Oval Small hair side in Silver Shell in a few ways.

Clipping Back Your Fringe
The first way is to hold back your fringe, just to the side. Our Circle slide and the Floralies slide are both very popular hair clips that work in this sort of style.

These are great hair clips to have on hand when you just need your fringe pulled away from your face, such as at work or if you're out in the garden.

Using Hair Slides to Hold Back Your Sides
With finer hair, these are also great for holding your hair up at the side. You can use one hair side on each side for a more traditional style.

Alternatively, a more modern look is to hold back just one side, leaving the other side of your hair down.

Using Hair Slides for A Quiff Style
This is my favourite use and one that works very well with finer hair because it helps create an effect of height and volume.

The first picture shows basically how a Quiff style introduces height to your face.

I guess a goofy grin like mine helps as well ... or maybe not!

Here you can see how I've used the slide to pull my fringe back, but "poofing" it slightly at the front.

Put the slide centre top of your head. These slides lie nice and flat on your head, creating an attractive profile.

You can also use a decorative grip or one of our dainty Classic French Side Barettes.

Again, a Side Barrette sits very close and flat to your head, which is what you want with fine hair.

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