Saturday, 22 January 2011

French Pleat Combs and Forks for Fine Hair

Day 4 Of Our Video Series about Hair Clips for Fine Hair

Customers have told us this series of tutorials we made back in 2011 was the best and most helpful we ever produced.

We've since updated our recommendations for you, but there's still value in the originals, chock full of good advice and ideas you'll find really valuable.

Scroll down to check them out, but first, here is our more recent video for you:

Hair Accessories Shown In This Video

French Pleat Large Comb (for thick hair ONLY!)
Vrille Hair Stick
Sourire French U Pins
Allegro Classic Hair Fork
Classic French Small Side Comb
(See also French Pleat Medium Comb - for hair that's "fine but a lot of it")

Browse all hair accessories Recommended for Fine Hair

(Original videos, Vintage 2011!)

How To Choose Hair Forks and Combs for Fine Hair

Hair Accessories Shown in this Video

How to Use a French Pleat Comb

The Combs That Work Best in a Pleat Style for Fine Hair

How to Use the Allegro Hair Fork

Hair Accessories Used in This Video

How to Use a Hair Stick in a French Pleat

Hair Sticks Best for Fine Hair

French Bright hair sticks
French Classic hair sticks

How to Use the Stone Bridge French U pin

Hair Pins For The Backscoop Technique

Sunday Rose Crystal U pin

Tomorrow's video ... Headbands for fine hair

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