Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Your hair colour and choosing the right hair accessories ...

Tortoiseshell ... and Nine Other Colours of Neutral

Classic French Extra Large hair clamps
Most hair clips you can buy on the high street are any colour you like as long as it's tortoiseshell or black.

At Stone Bridge, our French handmade hair accessories come in 10 classic colours, chosen to coordinate across the full spectrum of hair tones.

So how do you choose which neutral will work with your hair? Watch this video to find out which hair clips are best for your hair.

Now, for some reason I refer to our palest colour as "Vanilla Cream" through this whole video. At Stone Bridge this colour is really called "French Vanilla" in case you wonder why we would name a colour after a biscuit. We didn't. I must have been thinking about taking a coffee break.


Choosing The Right Colour Hair Accessories For Your Hair Colour

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